Saturday, 15 September 2012


Just a little update that you will notice from time to time, though likely to increase in frequency over time...

I would like to say a thank you for those GROUPS who have now contacted me and had shown a very keen interest in my BLOG!!


So there are nearly 600 people viewed this in around 5 weeks and now these groups are posting it about, two weeks from now should be a KEY POINT and hopefull the numbers will indicate whether or not this blog will achieve one of its intended MILESTONES?!

There were FIVE, all told, and some of these have contacted me expressing their utter shock at what they had read. They also requested my permission to post my blog on their websites and I have granted them permission to do so!!

This has been in the last few days so that is SIX groups in all and I dare say that over the next week or two there may well be others.

Also my Dentist, who now wants to quit dentistry and work for me when all this kicks off, has requested my blog address and will be reading it at some point. HELLO!!

It never occurred to me at the time but I suppose he may know many health professionals with gripes who might want to read, or even get help from, this BLOG. Who knows?!

The BLOG is designed to not only serve my daughter and myself but also to help anyone else, regardless of who they actually are. It only really works if as may people as possible know about it and though I failed to realise that I could make cash from this BLOG when I set it up Google have refused me that opportunity so no matter how many come on here it will not be of much benefit to me...

...though it is possible, can not stress that only POSSIBLE, that it could help me get my books published if there were tens thousands of viewers.

The only thing I can guarantee from this blog at this point is that it can help my daughter and others. I can not guarantee it will help me in anyway at this moment in time.

The whole thing is designed as a trap for the 'evil ones' and the corruption instigators and liars in government and public offices. Indeed I have been extremely tempted to contact each and everyone about this BLOG to laugh as I watch their reactions but this would only, well likely anyway, serve at this moment in time to get the blog, if it is possible, to be closed down.

I am being very selective at what I state and what and WHEN I post things to ensure that this stays LIVE as long as possible and the longer it stays live the more effective and useful it will be to my daughter, myself and many other by the time mi-November comes round.

I wish I could explain why this is but I cannot until the time comes as this will only alert other groups to what this blog will do. Well that is IF the do not do THEIR JOBS properly and as the majority of the PUBLIC will expect them to?! That is about all I can say on the matter at this moment in time.

Trust me when I do say that it will be COMPLETELY OBVIOUS when the times comes and maybe even be seen as a stroke of genius?! Well if someone does not put paid to my plans in the meantime but as I stated this also could backfire as it is not my only plan of action.



SO I PLANNED FOR THAT... if any of the above named organisations are reading this and taking precautions from their knee jerk and OBVIOUS reactions ... be careful, think about it!!

AS Wirral Council now realise that despite every trick an entire council attempted to pull on me to beat me, uh-uh-uhhhhhh! The failed and lost and I WON!! FROM 250 MILES AWAY TOO.


You have been warned! (precautionary warning)

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