Saturday, 15 September 2012


Now the second of the last FOUR to be covered...

Solicitors and their attitudes along with the state of the law in the United Kingdom, well in england at any rate, is nothing short of a joke. Added to this and from what i have experienced it is wholely designed so that people without the funds do not have the right to justice.

Not helped by the corrupt and laxy Police who do f*ck all unless a backhander is involved!

I have in my posession a mountain of solicitor letters for all manner of things, around 6 in total...

Number of cases won? NONE.

Let us make it somewhat more to the point...

Number of cases actually made it to court? ONE.

The backfiring from that ONE court case is about to come back and bite them in the arse only they will find that the biting wil be akin to a Great White Shark and he will remove their balls in the process!

Now over being made homeless I approached solicitors sevral times, managed to get the services of one who did ... errr f*ck alll. All over times do not get a reply.

Over the attack of bailiffs I contacted arund 200 and number of replies? Three or four at best?! One chap in Berkshire called Bernie calle dmy case a 'Cause Celebre' said get back to him in three months but when i did he failed to answer four emails?!

Over my health and the NHS I contacted about 200 solicitors and failed to meet with a single one.

Over the DWP and DLA I contacted about 200 and FAILED to meet a single one...

...the same applied lately despite my telling them of the evidence I had in my possession?!

Absolutely shocked at the sate of affairs solicitors were in I contacted, several times each, The Law Society and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority as to my mind the behaviour of 99% or solicitors was derogatory towards the public who were treated very poorly. They seemed to sit their like Kings deciding who was worthy of even an simple and free email from them. TIP: YOU LOT YOU ARE ALL SHIT!!! So drop the Delusions of Grandeur act, your only as human as the next man or woman. I will stress this was not true in all cases and I was VERY IMPRESSED with a Scottish lady based in Liverpool and despite the fact that her firm and stopped taking on Legal Aid cases called me and spent an hour on the phone. She told me she would have liked VERY MUCH to have taken on our case, could NOT BELIEVE the life that my daughter and me had endured for over 15 years (at the time) and that I came across as very honest and professional and I knew how to word things and knew how to write a letter. I said well i wish you would have a word with all the other so called professionals as I KNOW for a fact they did not read the entire email i sent them, if at all.

Neither the Law Society, who only provided a list of solicitors who failed to reply to me with no explanations as such nor pointers, nor the SRA seemed concerned at all with the state the legal system was in. Funny as they are the only ones who are NOT concerned as EVRYONE ELSE is. I suppose while they are getting their over-inflated sums of cash they do not care. However I failed to see how this would remain that was the longer the recession lasted and already even a private dentist who previously did NO NHS patients caved n and accepted them and now has rented out a room to a Physiotherapist to survive?!

So it seems compassion, humanity, manners and courtesy seem to be values they think does not apply to them?! A shame. A situation made worse by the government DELIBERATELY screwing up the Legal Aid system so that people without money were screwed almost like they KNEW the recession was coming and REMOVE the options available to poor people as they knew they would be screwing THEM for THEIR mistakes?!

Despicable and detestable and another couple, at least, bodies that fail to justify their existence for the most part!

No while the years went by and all this carry on was unfolding I had the unenviable task of trying to make money and get some sort of career going. I had tried several avenues and there was NOTHING available and NO HELP, despite WHAT the UK government, and the preceding one, stated. NOTHING, NADA & ZILCH! Even when registered DISABLED!!

Over the years one career I had often fancied and toyed with the idea of is being an author on both factual areas as well as fiction. Areas of science for the most part and i did start a science fiction trilogy and I did complete, well the writing anyway, a book on amphibians. If you speak to just about ANYONE who knows me or is related to me EVERYONE KNOWS about the completed book and I bumped into an old man I know and had not seen for 4 years and he ASKED when i was going to get my book published?!

Before the drama of my daughter's life became clear to me a friend of mine, also a retired man and local to me, had heard my deep thoughts on the UK and politics and many other things ad from my experiences he started to urge me on several things. One of these was that if i appeared on a Talk radio show in the evenings I would draw listeners in their hundreds of thousands. A more crazy thought was me becoming Prime Minister, err no thanks! Another of these was writing a book of my experiences and oddly i knew someone called Lino who was a Swedish woman who was also striving to be a writer and she said i would be fantastic at it and that I should do it. Also a Psychiatrist I met a couple of times, called Dr Cody, also read a couple of diaries (and told I was NOT MAD) and she suggested the same thing?! Only at the time I had already become convinced and had not only started but FINISHED a book regarding all that i talk about here!

Since January 2011 I ended up starting a second volume due to my new involvements and insights that is now a few nights from being completed. The two related books contain around 180,000 words between them and I did start contacting literary agents about the first book once completed. Only this turned out to be more complicated than I first thought. After being told my many people it would be easy for me to become a published author I discovered this was not the case. Many literary agents want printouts in certain ways, each one different and of course a book on animals contains my my own artwork and photographs and therefore expensive to keep printing it out and sending them off by recorded delivery.

Then I started to discover other aspects of these literary Agents and a common one was how they look for 'established' books and writings when actually the publishers are always looking for something new and different. I was told by one agent that JK Rowling was rejected 8 times and the 9th time the acceptance letter was a mistake?! Madness and I guess there is one agent that feels very fortunate while 8 others keep Horlicks in business?!

Then I had a little calm earlier in the year and thought with the latest book and the subject matter it would be very easy, but no. Though I can fully understand (and still yet to divulge the worst parts) I believe that these agents dismissed it as fantasy, despite the fact i made it very clear in all cases and correspondence that I possessed all the necessary material. The most important of which and that which I have failed to divulge just yet is till yet to be posted on here and not likely for around a month yet and this area along with one other will be the last TWO areas of real importance to cover.

I do not see this subject of Literary Agents and my 3.5 books as ONE of these subjects and only here to highlight what I was trying to achieve while handling everything, and everyone, ELSE!!

Unfortunately everything went crazy again with my daughter, thanks to the incompetent Merseyside Detectives and the police in general and I shelved the contacting of Literary Agents until a later date!! BAH-HUMBUG!!!

Oddly I have been thinking lately that I WILL get round to resuming that, after a SIX MONTHS HIATUS, in the next couple of weeks and today I was thinking how useful this blog would be in trying to achieve that...

After all and though I am pretty sure my daughter will receive a huge amount in damages I still have to care for myself and start a life and a new beginning. There is of course the outside chance that something could go wrong with my daughter's case or out of the fact that the evil person on trial alongside Wirral Council is, at the end of the day, her MOTHER really anything can go wrong in reality. This is despite my meticulous attention to detail and my immense appreciation for all that CAN and COULD go wrong and planning for that...

...which is the MAJOR REASON this BLOG exists!!!!

So another reasons for the existence of this blog and my references in earlier posts of the back up plans. There ARE, however, still two other reasons for the existence of this blog...

... I will explain this along with the last two areas i need to cover but the clues, as ever, are their...

...the Devil is in the Details!!

1) Access for my daughter's solicitor
2) Providing Information and therefore help and awareness to others who may be victims
3) If something goes wrong and I can not rely on the justice system and law as I have not been able to at all in the past then this blog will hopefully prevent this from happening completely

The plot thickens before being revealed in its entirety!

There are also the associated DOCUMENTS to the last two areas and the reasonings above to also be posted...all in good time and TIME is the key factor...

..this is based on this blog staying online as long as possible and KNOWING the times of certain actions involved by groups wanting to see it removed and the timings are essential...

...if done correctly no matter WHAT they do at a later date they will NEVER EVER STOP IT!

What I have to keep in mind is the bg list of organisations that would like to stop the details and evidence I have from becoming public knowledge on a nationwide, or even GLOBAL, scale!!

I have lasted 5 weeks and need it to last until Mid-November (WINK-WINK)


  1. Sometimes legal advice is all you need to get on your way. In other cases a lawyer will have to fight a case for you - as in situations like a compensation case or in family law. What is important in such cases is that you find a lawyer that you trust implicitly and be completely honest with him.

  2. Well from my experience the reputable lawyer would devote an hour of their time on you and sympathizing with all the wrongs that have occurred, but would eventually make a good excuse for not being able to take on your case, I believe that they are just as evil as the rest of them, don't let their kindness and sympathy blind you, it is all in the game they play.