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It is the 9th September 2012 and today the Paralympics and therefore the whole tournament is now at an end...

Excuses by some groups I have not yet mentioned are now at an end and the next couple of weeks will be interesting to see what does, or indeed, DOES NOT happen?!

This is the beginning of a period I have been waiting for, for a very long time now and for more reasons than one I can assure you of that.

This is unknown territory and I literally do not know what will happen and nor when but let us just say it is now Open Season!!!

The mid November court date gets ever closer and a few key dates for me leading up to that date are more or less upon me...

First up is the new GP, on the 12th September, where I FINALLY find out IF he has the private X-Rays of my back and to see his reaction to them if he has seen them, or indeed his reaction if my old GP has kept them?! Whatever the reason, if indeed she has held onto them, I will be sitting there with more copies!!

During this session I will also 'lay my cards on the table' so to speak and explain what I have been doing and why... the subject of my lack of decision on DLA will come up...

I will also explain what I am pretty confident will happen in a couple of months time and I have no doubts that he WILL realise not only the gravity of the situation but also the outcome!!

I will also add that funding getting to the North West with a ton of paperwork has been scuppered by the DWP & DLA and their lies and that I have ALSO applied for a Community Care Grant from the DWP to finance this. I will also explain that I applied a year ago to do this and sort it out only to be told my daughter and grandchildren were NOT in danger. I will then point out that the RESULTS of the Main Court Hearing will show this to be nothing of the kind and the evidence I gave them a year ago will be submitted to the court proving my point. Thereby showing the incessant lack of neglect towards human life and more particularly that of children...

It will be pointed out that the Judge has already issued a number of court orders mainly levied at Wirral Council and that he is disgusted at what has gone on and has subpoenaed senior staff from the council to appear. He will also want explanations to WHY I have been refused help during this terrifying and horrifying life and set of ordeals forced upon my daughter first and then my grandchildren and that it will be revealed in the paperwork that I have stated quite clearly for 16 years of the very dangers that transpired over that period.

So suggesting that IF I fail to appear in court due to the NHS, DWP and the hold they have over GPs now by threatening to take their licences away as well as contracts will not be worth it when it is now likely that this will all be out in the open and that they would have their licences revoked anyway only now following an investigation, public enquiry and the details spread eagled over the national tabloids will likely result in prison sentences added to the list of punishments.

I may also mention the recorded emergency meeting I had with NHS staff too.

I think too it will also be time to let the DWP, DLA & Atos in on this, provided they have not tracked me from Facebook or elsewhere to this BLOG, that is?! This is also why I have held back on some things from being posted, not so much that I wanted them to forewarn them so that they could arm themselves, no I pretty much removed that possibility from them, more so that I wanted to hit them all at the same time and watch their reactions to the fact that not only will this all be out but that the hour of reckoning is so close to hand that they can smell the fire and brimstone?! LMFAO!!!

After the GP appointment I will then be trying to acquire copies of the Court Date letter, if indeed one has been received as of yet. Date was set at the preliminary hearing but I want and need a letter stating this fact. Oddly there is another little known fact about all this which, I believe at least to some extent, has prevented organisations from knowing the truth and looking into it but was brought about by their own incompetence and failure to do as I asked in the beginning.

I am NOT, and not MY choice, on my daughter's birth certificate and she does not and never has had my surname. Another little evil prank my ex played on me when she left.

Now that has come back to bite them all in the arse and has prevented any public office into looking into it and as I removed myself from the electoral register to hide myself, and told the council to fuck off when they made threats, the same is true vice-versa to some extent.

You know the funny thing is that I am a stickler for one thing and it is this that people that I know personally should have realised as the years went by. My degree in computing, my work for a solicitor, my attention to the finest details and ability to think what others will think before they even think them themselves. Worse still is there is an old age saying that applies to all this and many seem to have forgotten that too... a crying shame but to my advantage ...

The Devil is, after all, in the DETAILS!!

All of which now converging at the same time with none of those involved having any idea that this is now all coming not only together but to a head...

For years it has made me grind my teeth that public offices do not talk to each other about individuals cases and complaints. Worse till that this also happened with different departments within the same public offices?! As a BSc Computer Science graduate it really flamed my anger to sit there watching all these idiots at computers on a network tell me that they were unable to speak to another department and I have long wanted to find a way to highlight the cost to the public both on an individual level and to the public purse.

So all involved only have TEN WEEKS left and the funny part is they do not know and will not know, well apart from Wirral Council of course who are well aware now and deeply regretting no doubt the cocky attitudes and looking down their noses at me and my daughter, unless I tell them.

Though this is only partially true of the DWP whereby by little trap had more to it than simply requesting a Community Care Grant to get to court 250 miles away with my paperwork. You see the Community Care Grant people will know of it right now but will ignore this as their is no proof and I will get the standard letter out requesting it. But I cannot do that until I myself have received it, oh dear. So they wont look into my file and notice that I have already been telling them this for well over a year, and indeed many MANY years, so the main DWP people and the DLA department will not notice...

...too busy screwing poor disabled people out of their cash!! But as I have touched on this I will point out that I noticed, with some pleasure and pain, there was some kind of committee held recently with the employment minister attending. It was put to him about all these reports coming n about Atos and the DLA and he denied it and said it was tricky as in his words they were trying to HELP disabled people back to work and this was NOT an EXACT SCIENCE?! Cheeky fecking lying w*nk*r, when has the British Government taken ANY notice of scientists?! They fire them when their science does not agree with what THEY want!! Any advisers for that matter?!?! LMFAOPMSL!!!


Still not long to go now.... It feels great knowing that I am coming up the rear while they are preoccupied with everything else.

So there will be some announcements and more pictures posted over the coming weeks now and it should start to become clear what I did, why I did and the pure deviousness I had to use to outwit people who are ... well ... DEVIOUS.

I have a daughter who now knows, a Judge, a Solicitor and indeed an entire courtroom on our side. All paperwork has been seized upon, The date is set and now all I need is for one certain group to do as I, my daughter, the solicitor and everyone else expects them too and should do?! But then i state that but in reality they should be doing that right about NOW!!!!


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  1. Let the bastards have it with both barrels & when they're lying bleeding on the floor, set fire to the fuckers for what they've put not just you but your family through also. Academically speaking of course as violence solves nothing but sounds like they won't know whats hit them with the evidence you have. I sincerely hope all goes well...