Wednesday, 26 September 2012


One last little post of possibly the subject I forgot about, lol. POSSIBLY!

last night I set about doing something that I had shelved many months ago after a little flurry of emailing out.

Are all these people really as dense as they sound?! In one respect I am thankful that this is not, or at least appeared NOT to be the case, but on the other hand it is or seems to be for the most part.

In attempting to garner interest for my books a number of shocking, well the DENSE behaviour if I am honest, came to light.

Now either many people out there CANNOT read, CANNOT be bothered to READ or so incompetent with IT and EMAILING that they are sending out automated emails that even a child would not be stupid enough to make.

Now it was somewhat annoying that not a single literary agent asked for proof, well of the big agencies who also suffer from delusions of grandeur despite only being middlemen, whereas lone agents did correspond and react with absolute horror. I do not recall all of their names but as they stated I needed a BIGGER agency I cannot help but wonder that if they were to be aware of the reactions i got from these BIGGER agencies what the looks on their faces would be.

Now I had assumed that this dense behaviour was ignorance and naivety so i thought I would find about 20 of them and just send them the address of this blog... imagine how annoying it was when one of the moronic agencies emailed me back asking me to send in a synopsis and a covering letter?! Annoying? Well consider that they ALREADY HAD ONE makes it worse and like so many others they use computers but know not how to use said computers!!

Some replies have been courteous but there are a choice few that have really shocked me I can tell you that for nothing. I dare say they are hated and I have visited a fair few authors forums whereby they are slagged off in a big way as they behave like footballers agents. This is even said by famous people and established authors and the whole industry is, from what i have seen, a joke!!

I love books and have a great many in my collection for it is a crying shame what another bunch of greedy people who want to sit around earning money with absolutely no intelligence, inventiveness nor creativity of their own!

I think I could probably have one hell of a list if I had the time and the energy to keep diving into different industries and doing research. But I really am done with all that and believe I have done MORE THAN ENOUGH. Despite what come bloody blind, stupid and naive morons may think.

Actually that reminded me, last night I repaired the case on my HP Pavilion laptop which PC World and their KNOWHOW team was supposed to fix, had the laptop for 3 weeks, put a message on their homepage for me to contact (BUT YOU GOT MY LAPTOP?!) and managed to misplace it for a week while it was NOT in the store nor at the KNOWHOW site?!

So one repair they were meant to do they did not even DO PROPERLY and it is now obvious that they FAILED TO SEE that the initial fault, a frozen hinge, had damaged to inside of the casing?!?!

You are hereby renamed and will be known henceforth and forthwith as the DONTKNOWHOW TEAM!!!

If the hard drive fails again I will knock someone spark out!!


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