Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I was told of a BBC Watchdog program whereby they investigated, undercover by all accounts, a large Pet Trade Superstore, cannot type the name as there are several and I might have remembered it wrong?! LOL.

I was told about this by a couple of friends that run a Pet Store in Baker Street in Enfield I am often in chatting about either animals or other things and even this blog! They normally get weekly updates of the number of visitors of this blog which recently crept beyond 700.

They also told me something I did not know and that this particular branch have had an ongoing deal with the RSCPCA, neither Royal NOR a Society, whereby the so called prevention of cruelty to animals group will set up sites within the store?!

First off well how about selling that large set of offices in St Stephens Parade opposite Big Ben near Parliament Square, all crooks together, you paid £140 Million for way back and getting your own stores?

But leaving that particular thing to one side how about this...

You have been dealing with this chain of Pet Store but fail to notice the mistreatment of animals when you have gone around for years KNOWINGLY, sometimes other times they have just been incompetent, and FALSELY accusing store owners of mistreating animals and trying to have them shut down?!

The friends in the local store showed me a cut out of the article which appeared in an issue of PPM, Pet Product Marketing, and gives details about the deal...

I was astounded!! Even though I have known for years that like so others I have spoken about they are NOT interested in animals well-being at all and instead only interested in making money which would be bad enough if this was not from the poor old grannies watching their lame and obviously completely staged adverts that have made me suddenly heave and want to vomit!

In other words THEFT by willingly misleading!!

Like so many others another term it is known by is LEGALISED ROBBERY!!! LMFAO

Now the interesting things is that BBC Watchdog were made aware of this fact and there is talk of a follow up on the next program...

...but what I am interested to know is that will the BBC Watchdog actually ask the awkward questions of the RSPCA about this and quite HOW they failed to note this despite many talks and meetings about merging or partnering up?!?!

Now people I have spoken to are of the opinion that the BBC Watchdog will go after them, well i have contacted BBC Watchdog and have done so several times which can be spotted in many of the screen shots I have posted and I just got the standard fair letter and said they would get back in contact with me and never did.

I for one hope that they do but, however, it has long since come to my attention that when the organisations are quite big, a la all the above, the media, watchdogs, ombudsmen and governing bodies all shy away very rapidly from their responsibilities!!

Now I wished this was NOT the case as after all it would have made the lives of many, my daughter, grandchildren and myself a damn site easier and this blog would NOT EXIST.

However this is not the case.

Now I stated to them that I would post about this particular event and the RSPCA, as I have long since had a hatred of them from what i have heard and they are indeed an INJUSTICE to animals and the public and there is no argument to that. Well after initially forgetting to do the post I can now state to them that I have.

Now I can assure you that once they have realised this there will be LITERALLY HUNDREDS of animal lover, hobbyists and regular pet keepers who will cheer with joy to know I have put focus on the dreaded and evil organisation exploiting animals and primarily the unnecessary DEATH of animals for large amounts of CASH!!

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