Monday, 3 September 2012

New Event: A Face from the Past

Well waddya know?!

There was someone that my family knew I always had a soft spot for from some years ago that has not been seen for years.

Indeed just a couple of days back prior to writing this she came up in conversation with one of my brothers and as she had lived locally and I now live in the vicinity we had chatted about how strange it was that I had not seen her in the 5 years or so since I lived here.

In fact I believe the last time I saw her was prior to my father passing away and that was around 8 years ago or more now.

Yet there I was today standing in a friends store when I exited the shop to roll a cigarette when I suddenly noticed a face in the store with an older gentleman that looked familiar. I did see her look at me and as I looked I thought "blimey that looks like Luna!" I decided I was mistaken as it was likely that I was just reminded of her a few days earlier by my brother and I could not be sure.

I entered the shop again and I found myself glancing at her and she had something distinctive about her I was now watching for but I failed to notice it. I wanted to actually just go up and say that I had to ask her as she looked uncannily like someone I used to know but thought better of it. A real possibility I could end up looking like a right 'pleb' in front of three other people I knew.

Then she walked past me to the reptile section and as she did I spotted something and said "Luna?"

Then a response ... "oh my god, it lives!" and sure enough it WAS her!

Oddly the last thing I remembered about her was her desire to travel to Australia and though her first attempt failed in a rather cruel manner we had put her disappearence down to the fact that she had eventually made it.

Turns out she did.

She now seemed to be back and told me she had an online store she was running and wanted my contact details and my opinion on her store pages, turns out she remembered that I was a bit geeky like she was and that I had done the Single Honours Degree in Computing and I said I would provide her with all the help I possibly could.

Life, it seems, is not without a sense of irony!

Also bizarrely there had to be a unique set of events for me to have bumped into her at such close quarters that I would recognise her. A set of events that could have been so very different and that moment would never have taken place. These events span from several years previous to just a few days and life never ceases to surprise me.

After all I had lost many friends in the recent years through various reasons, some silly and others more selfish and of course as always is the case in my life some are sinister. Yet there I was bumbing into an old mate I was very fond of that lives in very close proximity to me!


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