Friday, 21 September 2012

Docs: DLA Refusal, DWP Grant Refusal, Hospital Appts & Very Catalogue

Well had a few letters of late, never the ones you are waiting for though are they?

First up is a decision letter containing a refusal for my Disability Living Allowance.

Second a letter to phone for hospital appointment to do with my back conditions, the one where the GP REFUSED to look at my private X-RAYS.

Third is letter about facial surgery put back appointment.

Fourth is letter from Debt Company for Very Mail Order Catalogue (or Shop Direct) containing more lies, i.e. I have TWO letters from them not dozens like they imply. Not checked dates yet as this is another little trick they pull!! Backdate mail so they can get liability orders easier.

So first up is the DLA and it seems that corrupt people at Atos and the DLA can make decisions WITHOUT their Doctors seeing you that is how specialist and absolutely brilliant they are!!

Now the Hospital letter regarding my back ... AGAIN!!!
Now the put back facial surgery letter...not bothered about this and partly my fault, not completely though, due to them changing things around TWICE not listening to me or making notes and everything else I have to remember, deal with or put up with and battle, lol.
Note that appointment now in January 2013 and I was referred in January 2011. Pretty swift are they not?! NOT!!!
Even my Dentist was amazed they had done nothing and suggested I tell them to get a move on!!
Now remember I also have the Podiatry Department to get in contact with me too as that letter arrived about 10 days back and also the GP now ants to TALK to me about my Oesophagus?! Though quite why this is is mystifying as I have CONSTANTLY been refused an operation on my Oespohagus for 20 years, so...

Now the DWP REFUSING A GRANT so I can travel up to support my daughter and appear in COURT along side her?!?! LOL

Now I was actually expecting to AT LEAST ask to see proof BEFORE they actually REFUSED?! It seems NOT!


Lastly but by no means LEAST is a letter from a debt Recovery firm over monies that Very want for a second-hand american phone with a dozen faults who are refusing to answer emails, letters and recorded delivery letters and CAB, who have taken over Consumer Rights, have done FECK ALL about and clueless like they seem to be in everything else.


So now someone else I have to contact and start swearing and shouting at while making definitive promises and to make sure this in conveyed in such a way that I am a real threat if they pursue this...

I DO TRY TO WARN EVERYONE! I can not help if it they REPEATEDLY refuse to listen! lol.

Now these have arrived the last few days and I have included them here TOGETHER to give an idea of how many things can take place in a short period of time...

...this is NOTHING compared to what I have had and repeatedly too...

...after all I am much calmer now than I was previously even if I have to stay AWARE of certain situations and the powers behind them, like the approaching court hearing for one.

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