Saturday, 15 September 2012


Now the FIRST of the last FOUR areas I have to cover...

Another reason for doing things the way that I did is the lack of help I could find in different avenues supposedly, but not, available.

One branch of this, the other discussed in two parts like this at a later date, is that of help or Advice organisations of which there are many.

Thrighout the years I have approached several of all the big names as well as all the smaller and local ones too. The end result of all this? Nothing, nada & ZILCH!!

Of these I have approached the Citizen's Advice Bureau, DIAP (Disability Information Advice Project and part of EDA (Enfield Disability Advice) and I approached them twice.

Sorry to say but I have absoultely no idea of the maning of their existence other than to help people fill in forms who cannot rad nor write and some of those are people of non native speaking languages and an element of those probably should not be here anyway.

If this was not bad enough, and like but not as bad as the Community Legal Advice or CLA, they fail to even know what they can and cannot do and have an inability to answer the simplest questions. One of these they took THREE MONTHS to answer and the did this TWICE exactly one year apart! To make matters worse the second time they OFFERED their help and I did not ask for it and it was because I emailed them to state that I proved my point about my ailments which led to them not helping me a year earlier.

I was told by a representative that Atos do NOT MAKE HOME VISITS, despite the fact I had told them in our meeting and several times by email that I have no less than THREE documents here stating they was going to make a home visit?!

This is bloody arrogant and f*cking annoying when people make decisions that basically call you a liar and yu are standing there telling them you have the proof and they do NOT ASK for it.

As for the CLA they had a dozen different people tell me I had a case a few years back before a solicitor of theirs called Clair Prince stated it was perfectly OK for bailiffs to assault you and knock you to the ground, force their way into your home and then make a £3,500 profit from your goods from a £550 parking fine that I thought quashed?! F*cking incompetent is all I can say about the CLA from the emails I still possess.

That last statement was completely agreed with once they got over the shock by the CAB in Enfield. Indeed of the four organisations above they were the most competent, despite the fact that they started off my insulting me by suggesting I was crazy, but still have no TEETH.

What the CAB do not have, and I thought they had which is also the answer to the question I put to DIAP TWICE and waited three months on both ocassions for an answer is this:

Do you have in-house solicitors or an external law firm that once going over the details of my case that you can contact and refer my case too? Thus saving me the hassle of emailing solicitor after solicitor when 99.9% of them do not have the word 'courtesy' in their vocabulary nor the line 'sorry that is out of my league' instead giving you false satatements about your case and the law without even seeing anything?!

Yup all that cash they charge for their services and most want cases so easy a five year old child could win them blindfolded and when they are obviously very crap at being a solicitor will even mislead you rather than just admitting their lack of skills. Maybe this is just Legal Aid solicitors, who knows?

Now as you ca now see if you are familiar with the rest of my posts that the reasoning behind approaching BOTH Help Organisations AND Solcitors is thus...

Not only did I KNOW I was correct and had been constantly screwed time after time but just like with solicitors I was DESPERATE to have some of thee battle TAKEN OFF MY HANDS as it was getting to e at times as was my health conditions!!! BUT NO!?!

I would have given anything to have had someone SOMEWHERE fight my corner for me while I concaentrated on the others but no. Considering how many different areas and how many things as well as the large diversity of organisations I NEVER achieved that.

Well that is not until recently and this was in the fight to help fight for and save my daughter's life, in BOTH meanings of the word, and that of my grandchildren...

That now has a solicitor on it and is doing extremely well and can not, in my estimations, possible fail.

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