Thursday, 6 September 2012

DOCS: DWP Freedom of Information & Atos Assessment Handbook

OK this just in!

Did not know this was coming...well I have hammered a great deal of organisations and public offices it is hard to keep track.

Have some information on the freedom of information act as a reason to ask and that will be screen shots...

The DLA Assessment Handbook is err big... so a link will be used to my online Cloud Storage account, well one of them.

..and now the DLA & Atos Assessment Handbook
(not been through this and not sure when will have the time - probably all cobblers like other handbooks produced and ignored, a la Bailiffs)

Sent these on to someone else more focused on this than me for him to go through. I, on the other hand, and now thinking about getting a letter regarding the upcoming Main Court Hearing date between my daughter and Wirral Council as well as some choice bits of the very large file to read.

Hopefully in a few weeks I will post selected bits on here?!

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