Saturday, 15 September 2012


A Little Update

GP Visit had unexpected events... VERY unexpected. A shame.

Well after being registered for 8 weeks and the X-RAYS 2 years I still have no confirmation on the TWO problems with my back...

My new GP told me a couple of days back that he they had NOT received my NOTES yet?! I said that this was very peculiar as last time I saw him two weeks prior that he stated he did have them and that he had not had a chance to go through them yet and that I should give him another two weeks?! Apparently I am now to give him another three weeks?! Typical!

Instead of keeping the existence of the X-RAYS from him any further and now getting fed up I then told him what had happened and about them, though he seemed disinterested in them. I them offered him the X-RAYS and he REFUSED them! I asked why this was and he said he does not LOOK at X-RAYS any more and instead leaves it to the specialists. Then he stated he wanted to refer me to a physiotherapist and I said no way! He asked why and I said that he might as well know that I know how the NHS works and about the corruption going on and that physios are just a get out so they do not have to spend money. I went on to state that I had dozens upon dozens of physio sessions and nothing ever good has come of it and none of them have had powers to do anything. He said 'oh' and then said no this one will be DIFFERENT as these are specialist physios and can order MRI's and anything else. I was thinking at the time what a bloody waste, I have a CD containing X-RAYS in my rucksack that clearly show them and then stated this to him. He then became a little sarcastic and said 'well what is wrong with your back then?' and I replied 'well i do not know that is why I am offering you to look at them?!' more sarcasm when he said 'well ... did they not tell you at the Chiropractors?' and I said well no as this was only two appointments and the wanted over £1,000 to continue seeing me and I did not have that kind of money and they had already said the condition could not be reversed anyway!

SO I got referred ... AGAIN ... for the second time in a month, first NHS Podiatry and now these other clowns, and instead he stated that he wanted me to come back in three weeks as he wanted to talk about my oesophagus as I had spent twenty minutes throwing up in his toilet?! I said well I know what that is, sarcastically as he had STILL not read the notes, as I have had a Hiatus Hernia for over twenty years and Oesophagitis Grade C for 7 years and I keep asking for a OPERATION and have done for 15 years but keep getting refused! In other words I was saying 'WHAT IS THERE TO TALK ABOUT?' I had previously already told him about the drug Oemeprazole and that my last GP was reluctant to keep me on it and put me BACK on Lansoprazole that does not seem to work as well. He did not want to put me on the Oemeprazole (Nexium) either, surprise surprise, and stated that he needed to be INFORMED that I should be placed on it. I said, well if you had READ the notes you would see I was previously on it at 40mg for a couple of years!

I then changed tactic and said 'LOOK, I may have a long list of things i want to talk to you about and I am WELL AWARE that GPs do not like that and my last insisted on ONE THING AT A TIME. Well this is NOT my fault that I have them and INSTEAD is the fault of the corrupt NHS and bad GPs and their insistence on saving money. So over the years these things have mounted up and I have had to live with them but this is becoming hard and many of them are affecting me often at the same time. I wish GPs would not react like it is I that is doing something wrong. With each case it should have been dealt with and it was not. I now find out, and not through GPs, that many things that they wanted to deal with separately are all down to the same condition, so that doing things separately was completely wrong'. I think I was now getting through to him.

However what I went in their for was to talk about the really bad aching I have been getting in my thighs and calf muscles but the throwing up knocks the wind right out of my sails so forgot, DAMN IT!!

Also I tried t talk about DLA and the court and he quickly asked what the court was about, when i sort of said that many organisations would be asked awkward questions, and when i said my daughter his reaction was like an immediate decision that this court case was not a threat to organisations and cut me off, oh dear.

Let us see what happens three weeks. But another visit like that I will give him a stern piece of my mind and look for another GP!!

Since then I have also had another medical professional speak to me and tell me that there IS INDEED corruption going on and they are fed up and want to leave. Another medical professional nearby gave him a look and the first person reacted by saying 'oh no Martin knows all about it, we have been talking about out for 18 months' They then stated a great deal more but as this is one of the better and more compassionate of people I have met on the NHS I will not state who they are nor what position they hold.

I have also applied for a Community Care Grant to get up to court, I likely already stated, but around 4 or 5 days later I had a letter from the DWP and refused DLA, surprise surprise. So now they do NOT need to see you to assess you?! There are many of these general practitioners around with Psychic abilities and X-RAY vision!! the government must be saving BILLIONS?! LMAO!!!

I wonder at which point they will realise that their decisions are not making a blind bit of difference and that they are now facing a real threat with me? Mid November at the latest unless they have managed to find out already...

If I get REFUSED the grant then they will still be ignorant to what is about to happen ... if I get APPROVED (first time in 8 years or more) well then I think someone somewhere would have found out.

After all if they had any intelligence whatsover they COULD contact Wirral Council or the courts and we do have this technology now called post and phones, LMAO!

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