Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Well, well well...

My mind has been getting prepared in the subject matters of my next couple of posts. There will, hopefully, be an update and a document by the weekend or shortly after it and then I have to gradually divulge the last couple of subject areas.

However and going back to one of them I received a phone call from an Eon Energy representative today that surprised me. For this that have not read the posts in question I have had an ongoing spat, if you like, with Eon Energy and despite my constant informing them of the matters I speak of here and forwarded documents they sent a representative to my door and charged me £55 for the privilege?!

This had gone on for sometime and a few weeks back I received a phone call and spoke about it on here whereby when I explained my grievances regarding the charge and that fighting all these organisations as well as saving lives does not come for free they actually stated that saving lives was not a good enough reason for being behind on payments and refused to remove the charge. They then asked me if I wanted to set up a direct debit and I said 'well NO quite frankly' then asked about another payment arrangement agreement and I said 'errr no!' and underlined the fact that there was absolutely no point in it as it is most often them that break the arrangement agreement.

Two weeks ago I did as I threatened and gave them £10 and then said they can whistle for the rest of the money in an email and I requested that I have in writing what I was told on the phone and that basically their money being paid had a higher value than human life and that included children!!

Been waiting but never thought I would get it! Well I just came off the phone whereby I was told by a friendly and polite representative that they are now REMOVING this fee?!

Bit of a surprise and was not expected and she laughed when I said 'REALLY?!' Haha.

Can not help but wonder how and why that came about, still one more thing, albeit small, out of the way.

Now I have been told now by my daughter that the SOLICITORS LETTER THAT STATES THE COURT DATE TO THE MAIN HEARING, which is mid-November, will be posted to me, hopefully done today or tomorrow, and once it is here I can then post it on here!

I have had to wait a fair while already and did so with another important set of documents too.

I also note that on Vanessa Feltz's BBC London morning show that they were speaking about a figure released that states that complaints against GPs are up 50%?!?! LOL!!!!


Of interest was when she stated a list of possible complaints along the lines of...

Not being listened to..

Ushered in and out quick as you like (heard 7 minutes mentioned)...

Reluctance to prescribe treatment and necessary drugs...

...and likely a few others besides I cannot recall.

Now this would be a good time to mention something i have mentioned before and has NOT GONE UNNOTICED with others either...

Yet another example of some battle I have been involved in reaching the mainstream news, however and yet again without any mention of my name at all...

Now that is a very good key point and a very good time to repeat it so that it is fresh in any potential readers minds during the next week.

You see my back up plans were done in such a way that everyone and everything is on trial...

...however and more to the point is that the mainstream news, despite not showing or printing pictures of it (umm them), is primarily focused in the fact that poor Kate Middleton's breasts are of primary concern to them all, or at least her reaction.

Tall about asking questions to which there are obvious answers and I think that during the Olympics Mark Cavendish's reaction hit the nail on the head with journalists as did Andy Murray's remarks to winning a grand slam...

...these journalists at times can come across as really stupid and incompetent in the questions they raise or put to people. SO not only are they focused on things that are NOT worthy of mainstream news but they ask the dumbest questions to which everyone already knows the answer to!!

Thank god this is not always the case!! Well presently it is not but you do wonder where it is all going.

I would also state that I have corresponded with many a group prior to setting up this blog and I have had campaigners in several areas who are completely flummoxed themselves how they cannot get their particular area into the news. I was told I was wasting my time as one campaign group had been trying for years for their particular gripe to get noticed and covered by the media but to no avail!!

Unfortunately when I try to explain my plan and it edges away fro their sole area of interest their eyes glaze over and they lose interest, well as much as eyes can glaze over by email, and i end of thinking 'well this is why you do not get anywhere as you need to see the bigger picture and if the tricks and lies are the same everywhere then you and other groups have the SAME GRIPES with the SAME ENEMY'

Hence just one reason why I did and still am working alone, LMAO.

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