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Human Reactions & Bad Habits

I often wonder what makes us tick and to do that I have to first work out what makes me tick.

For the longest time I have wrestled with this on-going search for the truth behind that very question. How can anyone want to even attempt to understand the behaviour of others without first understanding themselves? This would at least give some kind of basic understanding of human nature to its very core.

As for me the questions that arise over my own personality and traits have surprised me over the years and this still persists to some degree today. However I have come through a great many trials and tribulations that have allowed to me to overcome a great many things which others do not understand. I seem to have developed resistance, or even non-existence, of fear that would drive others insane, suicide or at least skirt around the confines of these two. I have had a number of medical people tell me that too on occasion.

This has not always been the case, however. There have been times when I was affected by certain things that were taking place and I could not come to grips with how I was feeling at the time and, more importantly, WHY?

Though this was several years ago now it was still my very recent past and yet with all that I have had to do in the last 18 months or so this problem did not return despite the fact that what had been going on in one area was far, FAR more serious and fatally dangerous than that which had gone before?! My simple philosophy over the years that had escaped me not so long ago was that if you stay calm and in control you then have the ability to see everything for what it is and anything heading your way can be dealt with very easily and the matter or event averted.

The ties when we, or at least I, crack is those times when a set of events are taking place and it is difficult or nigh on impossible at the time to figure out what is going on. Fear of the unknown, you might say, but on a much grander scale. It is a shame then that lately everything seems to be an unknown quantity due to the new attitude that has been pressed upon society to take up as the norm. It has become par for the course that everyone behaves in this way and what I have found troubling is that it is what is fully expected. Honesty, truth, love and all the other values that we have come to admire are in short supply and dwindling by the hour. I cannot remember the last time I could watch the News or read a National Tabloid safe in the knowledge that it I indeed ‘news’.

 Just this morning as I wrote this there was much talk in the news about the Paralympic Games and one athlete, otherwise known as Bladerunner, Oscar Pretorius. He had come in a close second and missed out on a gold medal and in the thick of it, probably overheating and lungs bursting while feeling gutted and heart-broken, he accused the winner of using better and longer blades than he had. He realised his blunder and apologised and not only that but the winner had pointed out that he ran a time in a qualifying heat that was faster than the Gold Medallists winning time?! He said sorry but it seems for the media that was not enough. Or maybe it just gave them an excuse and then the fact that he said this was grabbed by the neck and shaken and the questions of the Paralympics fairness came thick and fast. Well sorry to point out the obvious but these questions have been there all along so why did it take a disabled athlete asking this question before the floodgates opened.

Well I say that but floodgates is the wrong word and it only appears like this as it seems that the media, politically motivated, do not ask the difficult questions and are more inclined to go with celebrity & sports news & gossip anyway. They cover the odd war too when hundreds are dying  in awful ways or moan when the west does not get involved and then moan when they do stating the west does not care about people dying for the former and only interested in oil for the latter.

Who cares what Oscar said in a heated and heartbroken period of realisation he did not get a gold medal? He apologised and said he was wrong to say it but that was 90% of what the News was covering along with the incident of two people who unfortunately lost their lives in a car accident which only received coverage because the driver of the other car was a footballer for Manchester City! Indeed in recent times it has become so depraved that stories about celebrities were either MADE-UP or illegal hacking had been going on to glean any slither of sensationalist evidence could be acquired and even facts that could be ‘made’ sensationalist. The phone hacking scandal has had, as have others before it, it’s enquiry which now everyone knows will go the same way all the others did and produce the same results, fuck all. Or told a bunch have people have been very naughty who have already lost their jobs and in some instances likely only did their deeds, applies only to ones with scruples, because they were forced by the ones way above them who will go unpunished. Yes I said unpunished and that is what it is and how it is perceived by many.

I have touched upon these subjects right now as I believe that they are important as well as key to what has gone before in this blog and what is to come. It is also important to point out that despite my never ending and stubborn insistence on all this battling there was a number of contributing factors involved in all this.

I do not like the way things are and not willing to bury my head in the sands over it all.

Nothing comes from doing nothing.

I do not like being beaten by liars.

When you battle enough you learn and adapt and become very good at it. These methods not only worked in the distant past but I was also commended by a barrister and a judge, both of which said they had seen nothing like it in their careers. This was around 1996.

My daughter, two grandchildren and many other lives were at stake.

But do not take my word for it as the paperwork which includes the report on this should be in my hands in the weeks to come and will be presented on here!

I have therefore done whatever other sane and humane person would have done and am still doing it so it has come somewhat as a surprise to find out that some have questioned this, though they have not questioned this to me.

There is, of course, several other side benefits from doing this and some of these will lead to a very major benefit which I thought would be obvious but many seem to have failed to see it.

I will state that there are those that do see it, or rather that when I have explained it their eyes grow wide with the realisation of it all.

Then there are those to which I have explained it and still do not get it, or just fail to see it happening but this is because over the period that is my life they have witnessed these earlier battles and time and time again have failed to see justice done and over a period of around 20 years too! But this is EXACTLY why I have done what I have now. All that was needed was to concentrate on one battle, leaving the other shelved with only minimal work done, and once I could win that one and in the case the oldest battle I have had going, this would make the others somewhat…well a walk in the park.

At some point in November and at a Court Hearing a long way from home a number of startling and shocking revelations will be out. It will be bad and I can honestly state with confidence it will be very devastating to a Local Council and I do not know if they will survive it, despite the awe that the public show to these large organisations. The damage will be great and in several different ways.

Once this has been achieved then not only will this be noticed by a great number of different people but also organisations. Suddenly all the correspondence they sent out to me and the rubbish they came out with and stupidly and incompetently put in black and white will become extremely unnerving for them. Also the details of that battle will draw attention to the details of the others and people will then see that what I have been stating is not to warbles of a mad man but that of events that have really taken place. Then people will start to tell each other and then this knowledge that I have along with the documentation will become widely known on a nationwide scale.

Also and thus far and as many have pointed I I have exhausted all other routes and avenues available. This much should not only have been obvious to many but also explain why I did things this way. Has been annoying at times when people with no ideas about things on this scale seem to think your ideas are far-fetched without offering any alternative method. All the opinions I had ‘forced’ upon me previously I just ignored, for the most part. Indeed I also realised there was an element of people that did not want me to succeed either and even stated stupid theories that were way of base in the hope of dissuading me as I was in a position where my abilities and knowledge could be used and syphoned off as and when it was needed, while I lived a mundane and financially troubled existence. Nice, was supposed to be a friend?!

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