Saturday, 29 September 2012


So there is a brief description and only the start. Just a run through to show the readers what I had to deal with as did my daughter who was in the thick of it, s to speak.

Therefore I could not get her down here and out of it all, still having my grandchildren to worry about, and nor could I get up there either?!

That last sentence due to the ailments that have pied up for me that the NHS have deliberately shirked responsibilities on as well as being illegally left in a type of LIMBO by the DWP and DLA, among other organisations, and being refused grants AND loans time after time after time and added to that I had the incompetence of the Police, Local Councils and Social Worker Departments who seem to hand my evil ex everything on a plate and pander to her every whim.

Also do not forget I was defrauded out of £4,000 by another council that had left me homeless twice and a crooked Bailiff and an Auction House issuing fraudulent invoices stating that the sold goods for 10% of the actual monies acquired?!

As someone put it to me a year ago 'Nice country we live in!!'

Then there is the problem of the effect this all had in my relationships and I mean ALL RELATIONSHIPS!

Now bear in mind that I knew back in 1995 that a day would come like the one coming up. In 1997 I attended University and against all the odds I acquired a Degree for EXACTLY this reason above all else, and as I likely stated HAD  considered studying LAW?!

Now you may or may not have had people in your own life tell you that they feel as if someone was out to thwart you every step of the way. But having read all this would you blame me for thinking that at times?!

Also do not forget that I used to do Q&A sessions for a previous GP due to what had gone on in my history and this was PRIOR to being made homeless again, attacked and defrauded by Bailiffs and Waltham Forest Council, messed around with my rent over stupid legislation by my current council of Enfield and everything else that occurred including the NHS lying, DWP inhumanity and last but not least, the FINAL SUBJECT MATTERS.


Now from here on in I will touch upon certain ... aspects of what went on. I will have to check but I believe I already posted up links to audio that took place and the cranky calls, should be up as 'Butcher' 'Is that Craig?' and some of the Police discussions and them LYING. The audio called '999' or '999 ROW' is the night my daughter fled under MY instruction so Simon Broadhurst stating in a phone conversation that they helped my daughter flee is referring to THAT NIGHT and THAT RECORDING!

These things though are not ALL OF THEM. Is is these last ones that are the reason I have been putting this subject off until the end.

It is these postings to come that I refer to are bound to, and surely will, cause one hell of a stir and a great deal of attention. This will lead the the closing down of the BLOG, at an educated guess though I cannot see how they would do it I am sure they will find a way.

Now myself getting attention I could NOT care less about. But to post them on here I really do want and need the number of viewers coming back on here with a genuine concern for what has gone on to be at a high level.

I would also suggest that as I post these up that you should come on here and copy what I post and then send them to others as I know not how long they will be up for. As long as humanly possible I hope but I just do not know.

What they will show as an absolute shambles of the way this country is run and it is linked to this final subject and quite disturbing once the realisation of the truth comes to your, or indeed it did with my, attention!

I certainly wished it had been different and not so obvious at how badly things are done but this is not the case I am afraid to say.

I will also add this...

It is because of the absolute lack of correspondence and help and even just FEEDBACK from everyone involved and most of all those who's JOBS I did for them despite their 50k+ salaries and utter disregard and lack of even simple courteous natures with nearly all while running off benefiting from my hard work without even a thank you that I have set up this blog, as this is why I do NOT trust anyone in this country regardless of their titles and in the last 5 years...



So these will appear at some point over the coming days but likely start at the end of the week if the numbers of viewers have leapt up enough. I have placed a counter on the blog so that viewers can see how many there are, I believe it will give the TOTAL since its inception 6 weeks ago so should read 800 for this blog alone when this is posted?!

So the rapid rise of viewers was planned in the event that the News Media do NOT do the job and neither does the Judge. After all the solicitor and myself think it is an open and shut case as does many people now. But I have never been one for resting on my laurels and not about to start now. I will believe it when it finally happens and the convincing I had to go through to get my daughter to feel confident enough to approach a solicitor has taken me over a year of hard work to do!

Now with a bit if luck not only is the bigger picture I intended to reveal becoming clear but so is the way I did things and anyone that is reading this who is part of an organisation or even the media I gave this blog address too, now you see why I did it this way as well?!

Well with any luck!!

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