Wednesday, 17 October 2012


As I had previously hinted at and in one fell swoop not one but TWO very bizarre stories I read on the BBCi pages, not hearing a mention in the mainstream news, turned out to be somewhat bizarre, indeed very bizarre in fact.

I had just seen a video of the fiasco that had gone in in Serbia with the football match against the England Under-21 side. I read the BBCi report that stated some fans were hurling racist abuse at out black players and I had to read it again to be sure I was reading it correctly. Once re-read I had to ask myself the question of weather they saw the same football match I had just witnessed on Sky News 24?! Hurled abuse? They had been hurling missiles and several of the Serbia players were trying to get at Danny Rose for what was quite obviously and intention towards a physical attack!

Then I was reading about raised concerns about Disabled people and their families going to be suffering financially due to changes being made and would be £20 per week worse off?! This report was, quite simply, preposterous and the very person that typed it out should be fired quite simply. But was it a deliberate mistake I found myself asking? Any idiot knows that the Disability Living Allowance is at its very lowest payment around £20 per week but the vast majority of DLA claimants, and I include myself in this albeit in the past, receive anywhere between £130 to £200 per week with the two current and combined forms of Attendance Allowance and Mobility Allowance. Where the hell did the pull the figure of £20 a week as this is way off?! Did the body that raise the concerns come up with this or did the BBC?!

I find this offensive as to anyone not in the know, like the hoards of naive people that think that no benefit people at all would solve the debt crisis tomorrow and have their own taxes lowered (blind fools and just the sheep like individuals the government love), £20 per week does not sound like very much at all. £200 per week though is a very different story!!

Curiously it just so happens that people receiving Incapacity Benefit, such as I currently do, and NOT Disability Living Allowance are due to lose £20 per week?! A coincidence? Hmm...or a play on words?!

i also find it odd that I am reading about what might have gone on inside the BBC with the Jimmy Savile saga still unravelling before our very eyes. Many BBC staff of different levels coming forward to say they had no idea, or doing something I have found journalists doing quite a fair deal in the last several years or more in quoting they asked questions that not even a complete idiot would expect answers to!!

"I question him about the rumours and he said .. no" oh well sorted then!

Or when they ask generals in times of war what their next move will be ... "yes OK I will joust announce it to the world that we are going to be HERE [FILL WITH LOCATION NAME] at 3pm! Please bring the bubbly and we will bring the food?!" Jesus H Christ!

Before long it had happened so many times that I wondered if it was some kind of tricky ploy to waste screen time so they could excuse themselves from asking the questions they SHOULD have asked?! I mean not that many journalists can be made up of naive, moronic and such incompetent idiots?!

Despite not liking what I heard about Mark Cavendish, though not knowing myself for sure, I could do nothing more than burst out laughing when his team lost that cycle race and that journalist asked if it was because they had cycled in the Tour de France?! I had barely thought what an idiot when Mark Cavendish pointed out that all the riders had and that he obviously knew nothing about cycling! So why was he there asking stupid questions?

I think up and down the country and certainly with jobs of importance or any responsibility that civil servants hold it is a case of wave after wave f the WRONG people in the WRONG jobs...

This is certainly true in one respect and of someone I disagreed with about this I have mentioned previously who just so happens to be a good example of the DWP and DLA getting it ARSE ABOUT FACE! An ex friend was a social worker and it was his strong belief that Social Workers should have NO COMPASSION in the job and when my daughter's Social Worker had cried said she should be fired?! I was stunned to hear him say this, ha had been a Social Worker for 15 years, and I said how can you have people in positions where peoples lives literally depend on them but they possess no compassion? What utter nonsense and if this is the way the employ Social Workers then no wonder children's liver are repeatedly reported in the news as being royally f... screwed up! It just so happens that he has Diabetes Type 1 and manages to do a full time JOB a 12 mile train ride away and yet receives the maximum DLA at £200 per week while living in a council house with low rent?! Say what?!?! YUP.

Its the CARE and individual needs they REPEATEDLY tell me at the DWP and  get so angry as it is ALWAYS that throw away line and I launch into abuse and tell them their effing idiots and say well why does someone I know travel 5 days a week to a full time job get it, he does not have a chaperon or a nurse present with him!!

The string of varied common ground all the above share is the following...


This is suspiciously repeated throughout all organisations I have the displeasure of having to deal with, AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM!

But how can such similar traits carry on throughout all these organisations where many are not linked even loosely?! It is as if it is some kind of ingenious grand plan cooked up by the same person. My guess would be that if you go higher up the hierarchy until you get to the one person who has links to all the above then it must be they that put these into practise, or just suggest them to any leader of said organisations on a tight budget! I do not recall sextuplets all having seats in the cabinet?!

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