Friday, 26 October 2012


In all my endeavours, in all the hours and with all the money I spent along with the evidence I gathered over time I must admit that despite my attitude to assume EVERYONE is corrupt I did not really expect it to actually turn out this way.

I thought that somewhere along the line there would be at least ONE industry or organisation or company of a particular industry that would take up my cause.

I thought there would be at least ONE newspaper?!

I thought there would be at least ONE TV News network?!

I thought there would at at least ONE governing body?!

I thought there would be at least ONE MP?!

I thought there would be at least ONE Ombudsman?!

I thought there would be at least ONE solicitor?!

I thought there would be at least ONE Literary Agent?!

I thought there would be ONE Police Officer?!

You see where I am going with this?

But s you can see from the email listings posted elsewhere this attempt goes back years for different things and anywhere between a minimum of nearly two years, January 2011 with my daughter Sophie's scenario and horrors, to 4 years with many others and far beyond that.

Due to reasons I will not disclose I knew the BBC would fall like they now are, though I must admit the reasons and fashion in which they are, ARE a TOTAL SURPRISE AND SHOCK!! Even I did not think they could be that low!!

You will see elsewhere in my postings, and way before Jimmy Savile's disgusting exploits broke the news, that I state that in all the news media I contacted the BBC was LEFT OUT entirely and that I had my reasons for this. That I will get around to in due course.

No nothing and even though most of my subject matter has cropped up in the news one thing at a time, well there WERE FOUR DVDs to work through, one by one things have come to light. Still a few to go though!

So I always had this BLOG in mind, I was wasting a great deal of time chasing ghosts as far as my two books were concerned and the news tabloids and TV and it just was not worth the effort as I never had any sort of acknowledgement at all that anything I had sent had even been read at all. Unprofessional, discourteous and rude is the understatement of the year as far as I was concerned. As I was doing all this at my own expense for the benefit of others this made it even more troubling and disturbing and would have been bad enough had someone had actually bothered to correspond and tell me I they thought I was a nut-job would have been bad enough. But I never even had that?!

So in the back of my mind this was always my back-up plan and there are back-up plans to this blog too!!

I mean that despite the fact I have been factual, I have told the truth as it happened and I have provided evidence to back up what I have stated, and not even ALL the evidence, I still felt that people that are corrupt, liars and cheats seem to get on and have all the money and power and that means solicitors to hold up there version of the law?!

I only reported here what has happened in the past and what is occurring right now but evil seems to have the law on its side while decent, honest and mostly poor people do not. The law has been a sham for awhile and I am sure it will now be exposed as this before too long, if not already.

But even though I could at least think that if someone was to come and shut this blog down I could take a little bit of solace in the fact that this would then actually incriminate the very people who took this action, whether it was someone I have fingered or indeed someone else and NEW to come along and ACT on their behalf.

I had to hope that enough people would have been here and backed up all my findings and posts in the meantime or even that enough people had been on here and BACK here at least a few times so that I knew it was WIDESPREAD knowledge and enough that just about everyone was aware of the truth.

It may sound like now that i am leading up to declaring that I have had legal threats, which I would not give a hot about anyway, but I have not...

...but I do feel like I am getting very close to that time where one of the above named, and I have not even declared all just yet, will come across this and take action, or at least think long and hard about it before they do!

I have declared things gradually and carefully in the hope that any legal team would find it difficult to actually take me down and the blog too. I have long hoped I have been able to do that! Time will tell eventually but I thought I would just say a little something about it now just in case something occurs.

As good as I might have appeared in all this I am not ALL KNOWING AND ALL SEEING and despite how I sound I do not know everything. i am just very good at research and very good at working things out. Sometimes this is almost immediate and sometimes it may take a week or two for the trickier scenarios.

I have had another corruption organisation find me and they did this on Facebook and added me, it seems North Wales has an anti corruption society and I wish them all the luck with their plans! Good on YA!! He told me about someone else with a website about it and I have contacted them now too.

That would make either seven or eight anti corruption organisations.

I have also been emailed by a Literary Agent and not the one watching me on Twitter either?!

But I will not get excited as although I do not remember doing it, it may be that they are just someone I emailed months ago who have only just got back to me. yes they CAN take that long sometimes.

As for the names of the Literary Agencies the one who requested to follow me on Twitter was Rupert Heath and the one that just emailed me was Conville & Walsh. These are just two over several dozen, very conservative figure, that I have contacted previously regarding my two books on these events. I even gave up adding chapters to the one on the radicals and my daughter until I can get one single agent now to read THIS BLOG for two minutes so that I am not spending hours and money on hundreds of sheets of paper, large envelopes and postage only for someone not to even speak to me at all about the EVIDENCE and that I clearly stated it was all true and they say things like 'Oh it really did not MOVE US?!' lmao! CHARMING?! Clearly a portion of these so called literary experts have difficulty even with reading the emails?! What chance do I have that they will read a couple of synopsis I take the time and effort to print out? Or even the first four or five chapters? Or this blog to save me time? After all they can read this whenever they feel like it and whenever they have time and THEN make a decision. The facts are here and the evidence is mostly here, what more could you possibly need? lol.

Oddly, going back a step here, the fact is that this blog and my other sites COULD make me a small amount of money but I will believe it when it happens, but I do not know for sure.

This would be good as I still may be needing to perform a full body MRI and have the cash to take legal action against the above with my own solicitor and a DECENT one too, if there is such a thing.

do not think I will be buying a mansion any time soon, like the next twenty years, lol.

But ODDLY the UK government has been harping on about cutting benefits to all and including disabled people, yeah a bit late on that as they did this 3 or 4 years back now to thousands and still doing it today, and this site AS WELL AS MY OTHERS are like my memoirs and my experiences that can HELP others and WARN OTHERS while making me the cash they have already stripped me of and will do some more in 2013 and that taking down this blog would also be taking that way from me too?!?!


So I fly by the edge of my seat all the time, constantly gamble and add things little by little, trying to avoid what many believe is inevitable in the hope I will last long enough to be able to AFFORD, see how it works for them, to DEFEND myself and THE TRUTH!!

That is life in the UK today and boy would I rather be anywhere else?!

In another way the blog is kind of intended to reach out to someone who will FIND ME and offer ME THEIR HELP?!

So it has become a double edged sword. I help others and it turns out that his may bring me help?!

Plus my daughter can access this and her solicitor too. Hopefully from small acorns large Oak Trees may grow?!

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