Sunday, 21 October 2012


God I really am beginning to dislike Google!

I have been trying to tell people on Google Plus in the North West about what their Council is really up to and this time no copying and pasting with odd word changes, as I thought that is what they had picked up on.

So this time I spoke to each individually and offered this blog up and if they find the documents helpful or enlightening in anyway then great.

Bit Google does not like that either it seems and without me being able to email them have suspended my Google + account for TWO WEEKS?

BAH!! Who cares, they tell you to promote your blog, which is in fact THEIR BLOG, and then scorn you for it.

I do think they are not sure what the want a shat or a haircut?!

Do not think I will bother with Google + any more if it is going to be that easy to piss Google off what is the point?!

Problems with remaining ALOOF I am afraid!

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