Saturday, 13 October 2012


Here is a fault that is purely down to design...

While walking along on a very hot day and chatting to my sister I reached my house placed the phone down and to my horror and shock I realised that the sweat from my face had seeped INTO the phone?!

A little different from my Motorola Defy which I stood out in the POURING rain walk speaking on the phone dozens of times with no fear of it getting damaged while my iPhone 4S wielding brother was diving into bushes to text his fiancee?! LOL.

We was on a wildlife excursion at my Orchid and cowslip sites, see my other blog, and when he finished he looked at me and said 'There is no way that will be WORKING in the morning?! I only have to show this phone a running tap and it stops working!!' LMAO.

I did eventually break the screen on the Defy, first time I EVER broke a screen and on a phone meant to be unbreakable, but Motorola kindly repaired it. Was using it as GPS at the time and did not do that again!

Only thing about the Motorola Defy was with a slightly better screen and another CPU core or three and would have been the PERFECT SMART PHONE!! Oh and a thicker SCREEN would have made it nigh on unbreakable but I think they cut the material too thin. I digress.

This is the one fault out of around a dozen that I cannot blame on for selling me a used phone. Well I think so unless the phone was dropped previously and as it arrived with a shoddy box and a scratch on the to end of the case, who knows for certain?!


Sweat ad Smartphone...

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