Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So now if I was Prime Minister and I was faced with a group of people that came forward as whistle-blowers I would be forced, whether I wanted to or not, to do something with a group this fearless and selfless.

Ombudsman everywhere would go and that even includes the word itself as the very Ombudsman that exist have made a bloody mockery of the word and to many it now stands for something else entirely.

Like many things I would have one body with sub-departments and these lot governing each of their departments and they would be given an impressive set of teeth. No gummy gnashers like those currently possessed by people who are the real benefit cheats, or just one lot of them.

So let us get something out the way, forget about people on benefits OK, they ARE NOT nor NEVER HAVE BEEN the problem or YOUR problem. The cost of this is minuscule compared to what you are paying for each authority in turn who abuses its position, does not do its job properly and lies about it, to the point where lives are lost and they do not give a flying ... Scotsman?!

Stop wasting our energy and time harping on about a section of society whose cost is minuscule and would be eve LESS  if not for bungling authorities, like the amount of people in very high private rents, which they are now harping on about, because the council is gradually shedding its old ways and the making statements to the public, 'it is not our obligation to house you!' evil bastards. Do you have any obligations left? I wonder what council obligations today compare to like 30 years ago or more? LOL.

No obligations, no housing, no libraries, disregarding at the the most disabled (read not long to live (cheap) ad no arms and legs) and shedding these at a rate of knots well what are you there for? FECK OFF and stop rinsing the public of its taxes!!

For those of you still drowning your sorrows down your local moaning about scroungers on benefits will give yourself a good kick up the arse and stop sounding like a bloody fool that knows nothing of simple 101 mathematics. Or better still go do a course on mathematics. Listen to the news of the billions of pounds being banded about here there and everywhere. Five, eight, ten, 50 million and listen carefully you will her trillions from time to time.

Would those of you still thinking that like me to draw you a graph?

I have never met one person that has NOT wanted to work, though I dare say there are some out there these are the tiny minority from my experience.

If you are one of those half pissed moaners did you know that a great many people working are STILL benefit claimers?! Do you include them i your finger pointing? Well if you are then you should as there is no difference as a benefit claimer is a benefit claimer and the word WORK is scientific and today it can only loosely be applied to the things people get paid for as its a small fraction of these were people are humping a shoulder load of bricks up stairs.

A benefit claimant is a benefit claimant and work is work. That is it and that is all!The word WORK means to resist gravity with force s getting out of bed in the morning is WORK. Going down the shops is WORK. Sitting at a desk all day is WORK. I do more than someone sitting at a desk all day. I do more than most despite my many areas of pain. The fact is I do not get paid for it no matter how many times I have tried. I do not get paid because I will not lie, it is that simple. That's it and that's all.

That is my first teachings to the pet hates I have had for years to the many bringing the country down through ignorance and buying into the government bullshit.

Put down that pint, go home and drink the coffee but make sure you have a damned good whiff first!!


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