Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Bizarre Character Out of the BLUE

Today and while in my friends Pet Shop in Baker Street in Enfield a guy came in and started blabbering rubbish and making small, but no sense, talk!

He reeked of alcohol and had a can of Scrumpy Jacks Cider in his hand and seemed very drunk indeed. He was blabbering on about rubbish and said he wanted to toy for his dog but kept complaining they were too hard?!

I was shortly about to leave but this guy kept hanging around and asking stupid questions and at one point he went out the door and I thought we had gotten rid of him. I asked Steve who he was and he answered 'feck knows!' and obviously had not seen him before.

I really did not like the sound of this chap nor the things he was uttering and rather bizarrely he started talking about Arabs and how the Arab countries are all our allies?! An odd subject to raise in front of me and both Steve and I turned around and said 'oh no they are not' to which he insisted that they were.

Steve only opens a few hours on a Sunday and was planning to close at 3pm but at the current time now of 1.55am and with this chap being in the shop about 20 minutes or more I knew that very shortly Steve would decide to close and bring things inside the shop.

Within 5 minutes he did just that and I managed to get the guy outside the shop and he started speaking about the two of us going to some far off land and asking me about Lamborghinis?! eventually he wandered off but not before wondering into the road in front of the Enfield Gazette building and deliberately into oncoming traffic raising his arms in the air, causing a van driver to brake hard and then toot his horn at him as he wandered onto the pavement?!

We looked at each other with a smile and I said he told me he lived by the Hop Poles public house and Steve said that there was a house or building where some organisations place drunks and drug addicts and he nearly rented a shop there until he found out.

I did find it odd that Steve had not seen this man before as he and his wife do seem to know large portions of the local community and has links to Enfield going far further back than my own.

It was not until I got home and I thought about how it was odd that he brought up the subject of Arabs and Lamborghinis as I have been involved in one and love the latter?! Then I thought about how odd it was that Steve had never 'laid eyes' on him before. Then I thought maybe the can if cider, which ended up being dropped into a goldfish aquarium that i had to then reach inside and err fish out, was not cider and the reek of alcohol did not necessarily mean he was drunk.

I will have to keep an eye out and see if this new face is out and about. Sunday was a really funny day and an odd time to get drunks walk into a store, especially where he was situated and though there was a pub across the road this chap had a CAN of Scrumpy Jacks so obviously did not come from the public house!!

Bizarre and we both thought that and as I type this I cannot help but wonder if Steve had any further thoughts about this mad stranger? Indeed I said to him that it slays me that I could be labelled as crazy for making the statements I have done when there are bloody nutters like that in the world?!?!



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