Friday, 26 October 2012

YouTube My Account Stats (2 weeks)

Not up very long now, about a week or so at a guess.

The STATISTICS to my YouTube account which is now all linked in to this blog, indirectly lol.

So I am knitting all the last pieces long last?!

Seems like I have been at it for an eternity, though there are still some settings to be tweaked, waiting for a book to arrive to achieve that. With a bit of luck by the 7th November all pieces will be in place.

End of November I will post a new set called THE TEACHINGS where I will become quite rough/stern/brash towards all the above and with each in turn.

Then a little after that will be TWO lists, well two in mind anyway may be more, that will be posted.

Then sometime in mid or end of December the last revelation of all. This will be in TWO parts, though lengthy and there are dozens of eye witnesses to this and even film! Good luck with finding it though!!

Of course there will the the usual interjections amongst all this with anything I find amusing, annoying or disgusting in the news that I can analyse to death and pick to pieces. lol.

Number f websites? Hmm let me see ... oh god cannot work it out but just this subject alone around 16 or more and links to it in other places.

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