Wednesday, 31 October 2012


OK an unusual day today and good parts and bad parts. Not long back indoors I ended up with a new toy, that actually will help a great deal with my Internet stuff, getting used to it RIGHT NOW?! LOL!

Had the beginnings of something I have feared the last years now, pains when winter comes round becomes well a bloody pain! lol. Only today and twice while out I thought I was going to end up on the floor a few times, hence why I always take a walking stick out with me!

Hmm this is working out better than the first attempt at using it, my new wireless keyboard I should not have bought but looked so good and very usable I could not resists it. It was £25 and came with a mouse but I tried to get a mouse-less one for cheaper but they did not do one in Maplin. In fact it was odd as he said I price as I stood there with my Visa card and it did not sound like £25?!

I left the store and shoved the box into my rucksack and looked at the receipt and it said £14.99 instead of £24.99 and he did say he had just had them delivered so the £24.99 must have been for another keyboard. What a result? Now I can type away with this tiny lightweight keyboard on my lap, jump up, jump down and jump around with glee. An added bonus is my thighs do not look like a medium roast after a heavy typing session either?! That was the main reason as besides everything else within this blog it has been somewhat uncomfortable on many occasions and I have long since been looking for a tray or dedicated laptop tray come cooler to be able to do this much more comfortably. Hoorah. Keys are a bit clicky and stiff but hopefully these will loosen up a little, or until I figure out I am using all wrong, lol.

The two books I wrote about all this I did on my previous laptop which thankfully did not get hot. This one gets hot for the most part because it is NOT the one I originally wanted and only a quarter of the price. Or I did not have the funds to build a desktop computer which is long overdue.

Today after having to let the first bus go as I would not get a seat on it I was having a profound thought moment. Indeed I had two but due to things getting more painful while I was out I, as I damn well knew I would, forgot what they were. These will come back to me but then I did not get to all the places I wanted today and even walked past my bank and forgot to obtain my rent. I walked in a nearby garden centre for no less than FOUR items. One they did not do and the other two I completely forgot. This is how it gets when it becomes uncomfortably painful.

I did not get anything in the way of food either! Luckily I am treating myself to a kebab tonight anyway and I do have some food here if I can be bothered to cook?!

Oh I did get an email from someone I do not know on YoutTube stating that the Birkenhead Court Dust Up video has been banned and asking me if I have a copy. I do not, lol, and was shocked and horrified to hear that this had been removed.

It seems Freedom of Speech is only as good unless your opponents have more cash than you!?!

DISGUSTING! SO I have no idea who took that off whether or not it is Merseyside Police or someone in government it matters not, it was still wrong. That will only fuel everyones suspicions but hey I am not about to point out there incompetent mistakes, I never was hehe!

Ah now I remember one of my thoughts...

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