Monday, 29 October 2012


David Cameron Hug a Hoodie and Mafia London?! Here, here!

I was also shocked to see a report as I woke up one morning and was presented with burned bodies with their faces blurred out and statements that the chemical weapons that had been discovered being used?!

More surprisingly was the fact that I had not seen anything about this in the UK news anywhere despite keeping a close eye on things due to this BLOG?! Not on BBC News, not on Sky News and not in any of the major tabloids and wondered how can this possible be the case?!

As I wondered as to what I was being presented with and the fact that it was the first I had heard of this and it validity suddenly they were talking to a man from the UK who stated the very same things that my mind was trying to work out. More to the point he said that a several months ago you could not turn on the TV or buy a newspaper without being told what was going on in Libya. 

Now there is nothing!!

Not even to debunk what is being aired now on Russia Today?!

This stinks to high heaven but which part stinks I do not know but there is most definitely a very fouls stench!

In my findings I cannot help but think that as I have not even been acknowledged I am forced to lean in favour of Russia Today!! well I do like Russian despite the toss-pot they have in charge by the name of Putin.

I could not find this on YouTube!

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