Monday, 29 October 2012

The Spirit of Man?!

What is that exactly? I wonder how many people you ask how many different answers you would get?!

I believe in the Spirit of Man as sung by an exceptionally beautiful voice on a landmark music album. I believe there is a desire to do good in a vast majority of us.

But we continue to play games, to turn against each other instead of the very people who instigate all of this, whether they knowingly do this or not they are the instigators all the same.

During my journey and even right now you cannot rule out any possibility! None. Some individuals, even those that enjoyed talking about this very topic, disappeared from my peripheral vision. I know not the whole truths as to why but I could hazard a wild guess that would likely be on or around the bullseye in both instances. They did not take my endeavours likely that is for sure.

Despite my claims of the World Against Corruption in the last post I would be happy to see the UK Public Against Corruption and maybe we can go back to the heady days of setting an example to the world, instead of being around the butt-crack end of it!

Of one of these I was warned to be careful and was reminded of two very prominent and famous deaths that of Princess Diana and Dr David Kelly while a Jehovah's Witness, of which I am not one I might add, stated that it is like the UK is being run by Satanists and after some thought I could not disagree with him nor rule out his statements.

Death was and is a real possibility and in more ways than one. If you consider that there was something that did not sit right with any previous deaths like those I state above then you will understand what dangers there are. Provided you give them any credence that is and when you are faced with the same fate you ... keep it in mind! but as well as this are the two Cells in Manchester and Birmingham that I am sure would like to make my acquaintance with fatal consequences!

Well in the world of Julie Covington and considering the life I have had up until this point...

There Must be Something Worth Dying For?!

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