Saturday, 13 October 2012


Right here is a handmade Glass Vase from Poland.

I purchased this from TK Maxx and one day while picking it up empty it simply exploded and I believe I have touched on this previously...

But I probably did not explain in full that when I went back to the store the manager looked at me as I was explaining what happened and showing him a huge cut in a finger that the exploding glass vase nearly removed completely for me he had this look on his face.

Noticing it and what it was, he was foreign strangely not that this kind of disregard is unique to them you understand, but his eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open when i said ...

'LOOK?! I am NOT here for a refund or to try and get free stuff out of you! I did not even BRING the receipt!! I am only warning you because if someone very old or a child picks one up and that happens it could do some severe damage!!'

he then thanked me for informing him and said he would take the glass vases off the shelves, however 6 months later they are STILL THERE?!

Damn forgot to rotate some of the images!

Now I noticed that the glass was 1mm thick, that is BLOODY thin for a big glass ornament and should be 3 or 4 mm think! Made worse was that this thickness was NOT constant and in many places went BELOW that and that is why it exploded into pieces.

The last image, one with a piece on the carpet, was taken where it fell which I did not notice at first. Now this piece was a good or damned close to 10 feet from the windowsill where it exploded and went through several rows of my Orchids to get there!!

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