Wednesday, 3 October 2012


A few details I will expand on.

Of the many, MANY things I discovered about these men, still many I have yet to post, there were a number of ITEMS that appeared from time to time and activities that the sinister nature of which had not occurred to my daughter so I did not find out later on despite her knowing for sometime.

I mean how was she to know WHAT they were and indeed the man who called himself Sabir first told her 'I am not like other Muslims' and boy was he correct in that?! Well at least I hope he was correct with that statement but they do not do themselves a great deal of justice if I am honest as we are all expected to live on the the blind faith and hope that they do. At least this is how it appears to me and no one has ever done anything to make me feel any different, unfortunately.

Now Maswad was dismantling mobile phones down to their constituent parts and in all honesty and with the number of phone models out there I failed to see a reason for this, not doing it regularly anyway. About the time I discovered this was taking place was just after I heard about a 500 Volt Fuse in the property.

I REPEAT A 500 VOLT FUSE! (around an inch and half wide and 5 inches long)

Now to explain how unusual this is i can assure you that even big business premises and any home would never have anything greater than 240 Volts and everyone knows how dangerous this can be.

Now I had long since figured out WHAT these guys were and more or less who did what for the most part, and was already sending a CD full of data to MI5 every so often, but I was flummoxed to understand first why they had a fuse like this and secondly HOW!!

Now to find out a bit more I visited my local Maplin store in Enfield and I also went into Burrows Electrical Store. A chap named Ed looked at me bewildered and asked me if I was sure it was 500 Volts and I said yes. He scratched his head and said he had NO IDEA and though I told him nothing else other than asking what would you require a fuse of that capacity for he could only struggle to give me one single, solitary answer...

'A Dirt BOMB!'

The bewilderment I saw him express was repeated by TWO gentlemen in the Burrows store and they said they could give me no idea WHAT it would be used for when an electrician turned around and said ...

'For God's sake, do not TOUCH IT!!!'

I replied with 'mate, its 250 miles away I am not about to touch it any time soon!!' and then laughed.

I was also well aware that even working on the 240 Volt systems in a home or a retails store you HAD to be a qualified electrician and any one who is reading this can go and look at their fuse-box and will likely find a yellow sticker on it stating exactly that. SO how did these gentlemen who had been here only a few years manage to get hold of a 500 Volt fuse they are NOT ALLOWED to work with?!

More the point WHAT WAS IT FOR?!

Oddly this question was put to Maswad, who was also the hacker in the group, and he laughed and said it was for a bomb!! Probably thought the best way to throw my daughter of any scent but Sabir, who had been dismantling phones WITH HIM, quickly scorned him and told him to shut up.

I should also add that Sabir was also aware that Star was frequently visiting Jihad websites, with that bespectacled skinny fellow I nicknamed Al-Shawaddywaddy, because I can never remember it. However when my daughter mentioned this to Sabir he was suddenly aware of him doing this and stated that he knew it and that he should not do that, well not with my daughter close to hand no of course he would say that. He did not report him to the authorities though did he?!

Now was he reported for visiting places in Manchester and Birmingham while curiously leaving his mobile behind and telling people he was visiting the Home Office in London.

The only item I did NOT hear any details about was the obvious one and that is large amounts of fertiliser. But this would be a large quantity and these murdering half-wits are well aware now that any spotting of this in any quantity and everyone would know what was going on due to the media coverage of it the last several years, including my daughter!

The man I thought was the suicide guy, Star, once approached my daughter and her evil mother in a pub and walked up to the table and my daughter shouted at him to eff off and stop following her around. My evil ex, true to her real nature, had a go at my daughter ad invited him to sit down. This displeased her English Defence League boyfriend who immediately was fuming about it and teaming up with my daughter at the time. When Roy, as he is called, had a go at him Star turned round and said that he 'HATED BRITAIN, HATES OUR CULTURE' 'YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS AND KNOW NOTHING'.

I would wager he does not feel like that any more?!

I said to my daughter, well if that is how he feels I can then put two questions to you and the first is well why is he here then and secondly and do you not now think it strange and should ask yourself exactly WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?

My daughter said 'that is true!'

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