Saturday, 20 October 2012

I am Cavalier. NO I AM CAVALIER!!

This morning I was listening to BBC News 24 as I woke up and I could hear Edwina Curry speaking about the investigation into the Jimmy Savile saga. There were some new developments and some of the figures had changed, an understatement if ever I made one, that made a previous posts statement seem somewhat ... MINUSCULE by comparison!

I had earlier stated that someone involved in a much earlier investigation, which obviously went nowhere like all the others, had come forward when there were 60 'alleged' victims and stated that he fully expected it to hit 100 or more in a mere few days time! A couple of days went by and I heard nothing of a change in this figure but this morning I thought I had missed something, I do not morbidly follow these stories no matter what it seems like, when I heard the figure of 200?! TWO HUNDRED?!

What made me chuckle was when the NPCC (National Protection of Cruelty to Children for those NOT British) said that Jimmy Savile was the worst case offender they had ever come across?! YAH THINK?! Then I wondered whether or not in all the sick bastards exploits with children, I mean the serious ones screened on radio and TV, whether or not he did any work WITH the IPCC?! This very thought had NOT occurred to me before hand and it made me wonder.

I have for a very long time no made no secret to those that know me if my dislike for charities as for the most part I do not see what benefit they actually bring. There are, after all, an endless list of them and it is hard to come up with examples of them doing anything of any good. This I had wondered for the longest time but became serious when the cancer drug Herceptin first appeared and hit the news. There must be several cancer charities in the UK alone and all 'working towards eradicating cancer' and after decades of these receiving cash from the public a drug appears that the NHS refuse to take on because of its initial cost. I was immediately furious about this, until I read about its actual cost per individual patient and that being £20,000 and this is PER YEAR!!

Never before, leaving realisation of the horrors of which my daughter went through, have I felt more physically sick then when I did at that point. £20,000 per year from people who are dying, the cost of ... MORTALITY?!

An example of what is wrong with British Society and our blindness to the hole we have been heading down! I often have wondered how much waste has gone on over the years. We are bombarded to the point of confusion of the charities, governing bodies and anything else that exists to supposedly protect us. We are lectured to and have been for decades now by the very people who have now screwed everything up and expecting us to pay for THEIR mistakes that 'you should do this' and 'you should do that' for just about every area you can imagine, even down to the keeping of your cat and dog, see RSPCA post. After all that IS the very idea of governing and therefore GOVERNMENTS, is it not?

Just a few days back I read on BBCi that the cost of saving the worlds wildlife has been worked out and I being involved in the Pet Trade myself I put this to many I knew involved in it and asked them to guess. Two people said the exact same figure of 'oh got to be billions ... £5 Billion? No more ... £20 Billion?' I then told them 'well its in US Dollars but its $76 Billion!' Both winced at the figure and said no one can spend that and would not be able to until God knows when. I then said 'wait! I DELIBERATELY did not finish my sentence...' to which they looked at me totally confused when I then said '..per ANNUM!' and I was then shown open mouths and very wide eyes! I then said that the constant attacks I have seen on the Pet Trade, despite NOT being without MERIT, was all wrong and that these morons being paid all this cash have actually been harming the worlds populations of threatened species.

No amount of money that we could afford and no amount of zoos can save everything from extinction. Simple math!! BUT ... had there been a more sensible and controlled and reasonable approach this could and would have been achieved a couple of decades ago and for very little money!! The very Pet Trade exists because there are a great deal of hobbyists who love these animals and are fascinated by them. Some specialise in certain fields while others, like myself, have a more widespread knowledge base. The authorities and nature programs have run down the Pet Trade for decades now but it is BECAUSE of these Nature Programs it EXISTS?! What many failed to realise is the sheer WILLINGNESS my a large fraternity of dedicated hobbyists are willing to spend vast amounts of their own money to BUY these animals and ALL THE EQUIPMENT NECESSARY to keep them well and BREED THEM!!

I always knew that the realisation of a HUGE opportunity missed would be realised one day but little did I know i would be the one to point it out and purely because the planet is in crisis with everyday finances to the point that the world's population of animals will now suffer the longer the financial crisis continues. As a Bank of England representative recently said that the WORST could be ahead of us this could spell disaster for the rare animals on our planet?! I hope not but I cannot see a way round this at the present time.

Even if the Pet Trade authorities was all rightfully FIRED and measures put in places to HELP by allowing the keeping of certain species by way of a authority who is not going to be 'CLICKY' or thing they can make money or a career out of it instead of concentrating on what is of vital importance, well no one has any money now and the fuel bills are ridiculously high.

How can we be expected to save the planet's wildlife when we cannot even save our help ourselves or our fellow man?! All things in perspective please!!

Really what all this comes down to is the wrong people in the WRONG JOBS wherever you look that have had a CAVALIER attitude to life, the world, it's animals and most of all MONEY!!

We will now remain stagnant and the planet will suffer until THAT attitude and the one towards money IS eradicated. To my mind it is the only way!

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