Thursday, 5 September 2013


Well I attended a second Pain Support Group to listen to what they had to say and see if there is indeed any help available as there was not the last time I attended.

For those that read and listened there was a waiver signing and some statements of the blatantly obvious to all but the most brain-dead of society and weaved gently into this fabric was a real push to get people to work for Chase Farm Hospital for £3.00 per day, only I was WRONG on the £3 as it is not cash, lol.

This time around things were different.

There was no signing of the waivers and there were some glances toward my direction which I thought a bit odd. Also the Pain Management guy was missing too.

This time around there were speeches fro, representatives of Marriage Care, not RELATE as they liked to pint out and mentioned being corporate, and the Samaritans. Nothing really of note about them or there speeches and you cannot take anything away from organisations that do GENUINELY want to help and do it for free! Though they have their limitations and there is the real underlying problem that I personally have with some of these.

The Samaritans were of great benefit to me at one point and I owe them for that.

But there were things of note as again the Manager of the Volunteer workers at Chase Farm Hospital was again there and did his speech. Only it was altered somewhat from the first time he made it. This time they mentioned paying for your buss fare to work for £3.00 a day. Oh yes and I made a mistake it was £3.00 in FOOD VOUCHERS and not cash, lol. He also mentioned on this occasion that you do not HAVE TO work full time and could do four hours a week. He and the chap that runs the group also mentioned about having TEA AT 10 DOWNING STREET for people that had done the volunteering a long time, say 5, 10 of 15 years?!

Still might be worth it just to be able to knock the leader of the Tories spark out on the floor?! LMAO!

Another thing of note was the attendees in which there seemed to be a few more people than even the last meet but what was interesting was that there were only THREE PEOPLE from the previous meeting and that one of those three was ME?! So there were perhaps twenty NEW people that did not attend last time.

I thought this odd and it was if they did not expect ANYONE to return at all! It was also odd that there was a whole new bank of people to work on! Playing the numbers game to get recruits and I think now this will be a pattern for the next couple of months.

I like how they banged on about how it was all paid for by GPs and yet they were recruiting people to work for nothing, lmao!!

There was one very last thing of note and this may turn out to be the most important of all?!?!

I sat on the edge of the room as there was no way I would get around the conference table. Sitting in more or less the exact seat I was in previous was a lady that looked familiar to me. I thought that maybe she had been there previously but no that was not it. Then I thought maybe she was someone I saw regularly in Enfield Town Centre but that was not it either. Nor was she a customer in my friends pet store nor was she someone who worked in a store I visited.

Then it hit me and I thought 'oh crap!' LOL.

This lady looked late fifties and I am probably being kind here, lol. I only mainly saw her in profile although she glanced at me a few times during the hour. I heard her speak quietly at one point as if she did not want to be heard and I caught a slightly posh and out of place accent.

Now I am fairly sure that the lady that I had recognized and about 30 minutes into it was a tabloid journalist?!

What I had realized was that I recognized her because she was sometimes on the news late at night and makes guest appearences to talk about the stories going into the newspapers the next day.

Although I know her face, well yes obviously Martin, I am not familiar with her name so cannot tell you who I was fairly certain was sitting in the room. If so it would explain, if they knew who she was, why there was not request to signing of the waivers and why they seemed to state different things and seemed more aware of what they were saying in their speeches.

Also you have to understand that even IF this lady DID turn out to be the journalist it could be part of on ongoing story they are working on and they will want to find out who cooked up this plan so that they can cover the whole story. SO like I said to friends just because someone was there, IF they was there, does not mean it will be in the newspapers the next day. Well at least I would not have thought so, lol.

As ever I recorded the whole thing but had to edit the end as this time they quite bizarrely did a roll call of everyone's names and I HAD to edit these out for privacy reasons.

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