Thursday, 5 September 2013


Will this is a surprise!

Today and just prior to leaving the house I noticed an envelope hanging from my letterbox.

I picked it up and to my surprise it stated General Medical Council on it. I only read the first few lines or paragraph if I am in a rush but they stated clearly that they were sorry to hear about my experiences and are investigating it so it is now a full and OFFICIAL complaint.

Now I cannot help but wonder now that the GP letter actually means they really do want to DISCUSS it as they have been contacted by the GMC. Maybe he is not the only one and also does put more credence to that lady being a journalist at the support group, lol.

Of course I cannot trust the GMC completely, do I ever? Lol. But the corruption could include them all or just confined to the Primary Care this case the Enfield Primary Care Trust.

Would make the latest incidences make a great deal of sense! I really did not expect that letter from GP to arrive requesting I discuss things with him. Some friends thought he had demanded the truth from the lying Mr Francis or PCT. But with him refusing to listen to the facts as well as evidence as well as the privately performed X-Rays I knew there would be no chance.

Continuing the attempt to label me as mentally unstable and paranoid was by far the most likely!

Hmm me thinks I will make an appointment and take Old Faithful along too?!


Expect a post soon with the scanned document as always, lol.

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