Thursday, 5 September 2013


It is funny is it not...

Due to giving the energy company Eon SOME money instead of not giving them anything which is what I should have done I wound up without an Internet connection from midnight Saturday previous until Wednesday afternoon.

In that time I had an email from Eon stat8ing they wanted £100 down-payment from me upfront and then two days later and remember I now cannot reply to them because I gave them MONEY and went WITHOUT an Internet connection, I had a letter through the door about the money I owe and that they have just charged me £55 for this letter?!

TUT-TUT, I have warned them about this behabviour before so now I will no longer pay any money to them and hold back. AT the weekend, and NOT BEFOREHAND AS THESE WANKERS JUST DO NOT GET IOT LIKE ALL THE OTHERS, I will then TELL THEM SO and say knock yourselves out and take me to court.

They also say they are coming around with the Police and I will tell them to make sure they gie me the exact date and time as I am fed up with this bullshit and a visit from the plod will allow me to a stop to everything on this blog once and for fucking all?!

Problem? Yes you bet your life there is a problem...

Benefit claimants now only get around £60 to £80 per week which comes in fortnightly payments of double the figures I provided. I am unusual because I get Incapacity Benefit but was cheated out of my Disability Benefit 4 years ago and am still waiting for ICE the DWP complaints people to sort out bith that and the fact I applied for DLA again over 18 months ago and heard NOTHING AT ALL FROM THE DWP?! LMAO!!

So brainiacs that think life on benefits is easy and that this is what people want, sorry only idiots and morons believe that is true which is easily proved it is not through science, lol. Yes so what is the percentage of the fortnightly money the energy companies are UNFAIRLY REQUESTING?!

Amazes me how these companies act tough when it comes to their customers who cannot fight back but when their suppliers up their wholesale prices they go running for the area behind the bike sheds like scared schoolgirls!

Now REMEMBER...I could not contact them for FOUR DAYS and I only read the email last Thursday thereabouts. The Eon letter with the fifity pounds charge on it came Monday morning!!

Of course I am going to send all this to Ofgen so that I can get evidence and show you the public that like the rest of the governing bodies they do nothing for your hard earned taxes either!!

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