Thursday, 5 September 2013




John Gubbay & Mr Francis

I am somewhat stunned by your letter of response to my concerns.

I am also somewhat STUNNED by the little action you intend to take and that you actually for one moment see this action as being anything other than a complete waste of time?!

I find it staggering that you would request of me to approach the Primary Care Trust about this as it is obvious that this sort of behaviour is being dictated from them or higher up!

Now I DID explain that Mr Francis DID INDEED dictate a NEW LETTER to the GP stating that I DID have an INGUINAL HERNIA?!?!

I also stated clearly to you that I RECORDED THIS EVENT?!

Did I also not state that I have recorded every visit to every health professional I have ever visited and that I have made these available publicly as being funded, for doing nothing, by the taxpayer all decisions and actions are in the public's interest?

So please confirm that you are standing by what you stated in the letter so I can publish trhat the General Medical Council are not concerned that Doctors and Specialists tell patients lies and that their medical records and test results have been falsified?!

All this is standard and acceptable medical practice is it?


Martin Haswell BSc

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