Sunday, 15 September 2013


Hmm...I was looking for a list of Ombudsman as I wanted to create a list of all those that I have attacked and gotten evidence on, regardless of how much or how little. I was re-writing the awful sub-heading to this blog when I came across the site listed below!

I do not know WHO they are so I emailed them and asked and there now immediately follows a link and the email. Lol.


Dear SIrs

I was looking for a list of Ombudsman on the Web to remind myself and make a list of the number of Ombudsman, among many other organisations, I have actually contacted over the last twenty years when I came across your site.

Now I will first explain that it is a fact that all Ombudsman are actually a waste of space and merely window dressing for the public and regardless of what is reported in fact do not actually do anything at all. I have spent several years doing this with not just one but a whole list of them and in a whole number of different ways too. IN ways that would and have shocked tens of thousands of people thus far and rising by several thousand each week.

Now I had actually never heard of you before and no idea who or what you are. I would be garteful, as would my readers, if you could explain and my first thought was an Ombudsman to the Ombudsmen?!

If you are a genuine watchdog or someone who reports things about the Ombudsman then I can tell you that the list of Ombudsman I do NOT have evidence on will be 10% the size of the list in which I DO have evidence on.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

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