Thursday, 5 September 2013


Odd one this as even Ofgen who are a public service do not want you contacting them any longer and you have to go via OS-Energy who I have never heard of, lol.

ANYWAY...Here is an email I just sent them....

Dear Sirs

Dirty tricks and corruption at Eon.

Unfair £100 down payment from benefit claimants which is 66% of their fortnightly money. Bullying and forcing prepayment meters on customers, attempted one me right now and twice before. Odd usage of energy being higher than should be....

Evidence at ...

As far as I am concerned Ombudsman do NOTHING. Unfortunately some believe they do SOMETHING. I have been through 80% of Ombudsman who have done exactly as I expected amd not asked for evidence, see website. Let us see what YOU will do?!

Martin Haswell BSc

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