Monday, 30 September 2013



The first time the USA tries to do something humane and the Republican's behave like spoilt children and throw their toys out of their prams because they make money from sick, dying and people in horrific limb losing accidents!


Is this why the Republican Party are so keen on going to war? Lol. Maybe it's a double edges sword as they get to treat people for OIL?!

You do have to wonder don't you? It is rather disturbing and has been for me for years how they make their money. Do not like anyone else making money and soon throw their toys out again.

When it eventually comes out that it is several, or few, or a specific organisation in America that is RUNNING the UK I would be extremely interested to know how it originated?! I wonder what they would call it? Bound to have the word 'GATE' at the end of it?! Lol.

Obama Gate? Bush Gate? Britain Gate? Or maybe LIMEY GATE?! Lol. Or just BRIT GATE, that seems to have the best ring to it, lol. Hmm I myself might go for STEALTH INVASION GATE or revenge for the WAR OF INDEPENDENCE GATE, hehe.

Just having a bit of fun on the current non-reporting reporters obsession with words like 'gate' since the Watergate incident with President Nixon, lol.

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