Monday, 30 September 2013


Right now let me get this right?

George Osborne haste decided that slave labour, which will cost benefit claimants more money they are NOT paying out, a la NHS Recruitment I gathered evidence of, but also to put a best egg away in case the crisis happens again?

I have no idea whether it is all MPs or just conservatives but they have proved themselves unfamiliar with the word 'perspective'. That is added to the words 'reality' along with 'reciprocation'.

So let as first add perspective... 

Before they can even hazard a wild GUESS as to when we will be out of the crisis they are planning for the next? This means that austerity measures will remain until the time we have not only in the red but to keep going until the UK has as much put by as we had owed?!

Right that means that if the hard times lasted TEN YEARS, we have NO IDEA PRESENTLY, then you can double that period now safely before screwing the British public comes to a halt?!

Now THAT is perspective! I can also give you a bit more...

After EVERYTHING they have learnt nothing at all and want to continue as they had done previously not caring if it happens again! After all he wants to save for next time it happens while stating he will make sure it never happens again!

Mr Idiot, sorry George, Osborne it is a sad state of affairs when I have to point out that it IS STILL HAPPENING NOW!!

My god and he received an applause, are they REALLY that naive, blind and incompetent?! Lol.

These facts came to my attention when I was still digesting the fact that protesting disabled people, over people that had DIED, yes DIED, over their unfair austerity measures! I am also completely shocked that the news media, especially TV, completely ignored all the bunches if white flowers for the dead on Parliament Square despite seemingly being camped out on it to interview MPs on an almost daily basis?! What did they fail to see them?! 

If they can screw the disabled, sick and poor in such a way how can any other people believe the assurances politicians give you? Surely there are not that many idiots in the United Kingdom? Hmm maybe all the ones that emigrated or gave up citizenship we're all the intelligent ones?!

So other than just screwing everyone the only thing they came up with to prevent it happening again is to leave the thumbscrews tightened for twice as long as it takes to CLEAR the national debt?! Despite the fact we have no fooking idea how long that will take?! At 45 years of age I doubt I will live long enough to see that?!

So the media is either taking bungs or promises on what they report on, none of those who work within the media actually give a shite unless they don't get their rises then they all take action and STRIKE...nice!

So now we have some perspective and some reciprocation, pay taxes for twenty to forty years and work for free.

But wait?! I forgot about reality?!

Oh well you can choose to sign on everyday instead of the work?! Well as no one has had to sign on for years now that means HUGE changes and the inevitable need for MORE STAFF and very possibly BIGGER BUILDINGS to cater for the millions out of work!!

Which means it will actually COST MORE MONEY!!!

You bloody idiots, I tell you I am left head scratching at these morons and ask myself why no one picked up on the above even in the media?!

Also of course you still have the issue if the NHS lying and falsifying documents so that they do not treat, diagnosis or cure people!

So putting all the key words unfamiliar to Members of Parliament let me summarise?

If you work using tools inevitably on time the tools break. When they do you naturally go and fix them! You DO NOT continue to try to use them and stare at it like a demented idiot wondering why it is not WORKING for you?!

However the Members of Parliament seem to have been doing this to my astonishment for over ten years now. This has continued to the point that they are beating the tool against the wall in the hope that this will magically fix it and it will work again.

In reality of course the wall is a proverbial whip which ultimately means starvation, extreme poverty with benefit claimants working and looking like tramps and of course even more deaths than that shown on Parliament Square?!

So those applauding Mr Osborne are like that of Nazi fascists in a pre-war Germany?!

You have to have the correct system and infrastructure before you can talk as you have been doing you brain dead morons! Lol.  

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