Saturday, 14 September 2013


A year has flown by since leaving the starting line all those moons ago. I had many ideas as to what would take place and when but thus far and for whatever reasons exist they have not come into the light.

It matters not.

It was always going to be that the ultimate aims would still be achieved. There was no way I would fail to actually reach these achievements it would always be a matter of when. I had a whole list of ideas and tricks to set about in motion and many miniature goals to leave the house to achieve. Many more presented themselves out of the mire than I could have ever hoped for and then some more to boot. Still my list had its original ideas and one in particular I had been waiting to set in motion. This was one reason I did find the fact that some other goals were taking longer than expected to achieve. It was the one trap I had in my arsenal that would put to an end once and for all that everything they have told you in government would turn out to be just another set of lies and show that they had no compassion for anyone among the wider public.

Years of torture to my less than perfect hearing by sets of people who wish to open there mouths and let the sewers run free. Years I had waded through the sewage and wanted and waited to find away to use this and turn it against them. Oddly not only have the needs that I have not been met as yet but that which I was hoping would take place at around the same time have not occurred either?!

So maybe it was somehow and in some way meant to be that way?

My trick was to use one of the very core principles of being a member of the Conservative Party and use it to show them all for what they truly are along with all others truly to blame. It would not be hard at all to do and is in its planning very simple. It did need several tools to work and one of those was a BLOG, such as this one. Another one would be a big enough audience of people that cared about more than just themselves. For this I had no idea how many people I needed to have as visitors but one would think that 50,000 plus would be enough?! Before I needed my last tool I needed the current government to carry on spouting there usual garbage about how the austerity measures would improve things, that we was all in it together (now left out of speeches) and of course that the CHANGES to the welfare system are fair and would HELP people. Of course that famous Tory motto was also needed but exists anyway and used for years. That is the 'We help those that help themselves'.

Hmm sounds like they are helping thieves really doesn't it?!

It would work out brilliantly if I was making my first small monthly cash from Google and their Adsense around the same time that the changes took place. Neither one of these have currently happened and I cannot even hazard a guess as to when either of these are likely to happen! I can still achieve what I wanted by arriving to the party late and in all reality arriving late would have much more of an impact on visitors. That is because quite unfortunately it takes people to feel the pain personally before they then acquire morals and join up with others to become a campaign group! A large majority of the time at any rate and a large reason why things are the way that they are.

One of the things that I could use to explain this is house prices. Everyone that owned a house that increased vastly in value did not stop and think, or even did not care, about how this would eventually affect there own children and grandchildren! I speak from very good experience on this one. I have long since stated this for well over ten years and no one agreed with me and yet I just read somewhere that they want to bring in a cap to stop prices rising too fast.
Horse. Stable. Barn door!

I fear it has gone too far and far too late for that. But this housing and property greed is not the only area either and there are a great many others that need this capping and I am afraid to tell them that these greedy executives who own the age old adage of having far more money than intelligence, I am sorry I mean 'more money than sense', also need to be capped and in every industry. If you do not agree and are asking yourself 'why?' then I am afraid there is no hope for you! Or maybe you just do not pay attention to the news?! Or your ignoring it thinking that like all times before it will go away? This latter type I call the Ostriches!! I used to have a friend like that and indeed I could even be accused of being like that to a degree. Well all except the IT Industry that is!

We just simply and on the whole cannot be trusted. I have no idea why and what the Psychology is behind this but it is this very thing you can use solely to show why chasing around after Carbon atoms by the bucket load and thinking this will save the planet is pride of place. It is like watching a bunch of mental health people from the local funny farm standing their with razor blades slowly slitting their own wrists with no idea of the consequences. But they get joy, toys and money for doing it so just keep doing it. They have to have that one of Ferrari or Lamborghini because the bloke with the next company does not have one! Like those stupid Arab kids driving around in Lamborghini Murcielagos, themselves a piece of art, and ruin an automotive piece of art by putting a completely dreadful paint job on it then drives around London and has no drivers license?!

Why is that stupid twat not in prison?!

If he ever goes out again and ends up running down and, god forbid, killing a small child after that airing in the newspapers and due to his nationality his idiot father would loose a son by slow beating tyo death by angry mob!! Then there would be an almighty row about it despite the father being a complete twat!! But he is obviously some oil tycidiot and his cash, we stupidly gave to one individual, will have the courts tied up from every day people for years. Oh yes I forgot, we are not allowed access to the law now it is only for the likes of rich, powerful, famous, governments, Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Sony and the like!

There is too much of an attitude that things will likely go wrong after they have gone and gotten an stupidly large pay off.

But then seems to lend to the idea that I am all in favour of the government getting more money in the way of taxes and fines but no. I had hoped that these world wide gentlemen's club meetings like the G8 and G20 might have been a way to stop the rot, or the racing towards the rot would be better, but no such luck. Just another big things for the media to harp on about but nothing really effective ever comes from them. Well that kind of sounds like the United Nations too! So they all think this is the way its done, do not agree, do not trust each other (well they all lie to their people so there was never going to be trust), call each other names because they cannot get there way or money they should not jave or deserve from ANOTHER COUNTRY or just want to borrow from someone.

That latter reason ion the last paragraph is probably close to the mark as to why this country is so full of shite-on electronic items that were shipped over from other countries to sell to the British public because we have put up with everything else?! Hmm yeah that will be it. Lol.

The truth is there is no unification in the UK to like minded people and all I have ever seen are organisations based on a area of politics that has a unified set of rules that you are supposed to stick to and insist work no matter what?! What I find amusing is after all these years they have not realized which ones do work and which ones do not work and yet we have had a long enough history to teach us. We are also a victims of different customs too I am afraid and this is where it first started to become unfair as different sets of rules came in for different people for different cultures, races and religion and this is WRONG. It is a guaranteed fact that 99% of religions are totally bogus so there you have a complete waste of money changing the levels of the playing field in favour of some and not others because they believe in bullshit! The bleeding hearts and civil servants who were taught many wrong things but not a single ounce of common sense spent twenty years just making this far, FAR worse. Then act all surprised when one factor of society lashes back after being forced to keep their mouths shut, and therefore feelings and thoughts heard, for the best part of thirty years? What you really did not see that coming? Just how bloody naïve are you?

Well I could sit there using the word 'NAIVE' all through this but I am afraid to say that the use of this word is wrong and I know this from not just one big experience but a twenty year long string of really bad experiences. Over and over again and so was created someone who would live, if he survived, to become the worst nightmare that these previous governments and civil servants could ever imagine. I could also guarantee that the talking down to people would also be rife and assumption and therefore spoken to that I am nobody and that they are therefore far more intelligent than me and that I am simply a common or garden, village idiot DUNCE would continue to rile me and attack them verbally both intellectually by challenging them to things I already knew they were totally incapable of as well as using insults that were nevertheless facts to get them to react and make ever more mistakes that I could publish.

This was the part that, for at at least, made it all the more amusing. I have lost count of the number of people and the number of public offices I have brought down to ground level with an almighty thump. This has happened by letter, email as well as face to face and I know many monkeys have lost there jobs while the organ grinders sit atop their perch thinking themselves safe. I have long since done this, of late I have increased to frequency, I am currently doing this and will continue to do so. Even those that think they have seen and heard the last of me have not, oh noo lol.

As long as you talk utter crap, use words you do not understand and speak down to people as well as treat people like shit and sheep I will continue to bring you crashing down to earth without a safety net. Only each time I will assure you that you will fall both faster and from an ever higher altitude.

For as the organisations out there want to waste there time with front-line people to these organisations until they refuse to budge to their own lords and masters who then give in and therefore get away with it and the organisations and protesters go home happy, no, no, no. This is not the way to deal with things this is just putting things off and this is why we have hardly progressed as a society in the way that was envisioned between thirty to sixty years ago. This is why the world that was to meet our widening eyes in 2001 never came to be because the masses were held back so that the few can over indulge! But to cure the cancer you have to remove it all otherwise all we will continue to get os the chemotherapy while never getting rid of the old and outdated core problem and beliefs.

Of course there is something that one can hope that can be learned from this too? That is that now that it looks as if all the big names are suffering and that as their associate chief executives shift nervously in their seats either privately or in a rapid fire inquest then others can take heart and take notes. Too much ambition and using falsifications to get there can lead to this? Lead to what I hear you ask but lead to what they are now going through and what they will go through over the next couple of years.

Now along with the obvious reason of the ever growing anger among the public in different countries around the world there is something else too to note from this and it is beginning to take place now! A little later than I expected if I am honest and open but better late than never is what I always say. Well until they fire you that is, lol. I had long predicted that when things got bad that around a year to 18 months into the bad times the many ig organisations will turn on each other?! Indeed I even tried to provoke this and if you look at any of the correspondences that I have sent to these organisations you would have noted that every now and then I would say something like....

'You large companies make me laugh! You spend all your effort, time and even MONEY trying to get blood out of a stone when your REAL problem is another big company which are getting their money instead of you!!!'

I would not be far off the mark to say that 90% of the people I have attacked have had this remark put to them with the full intention of making them wonder and suspicious of each other. But you have to understand that being calm and nice would NEVER get beyond the front line staff. But I always knew that this would get nowhere and that these companies have quite literally advertised their aloof attitudes of modern times. They do this on their websites as I have covered previously and I would have asked simply, what is Facebook's email address?! DO not know? Go find it on their website and come back and type it in the comments below?!

No need it is, or at least it WAS.

This might be extreme but try it with the companies that send you bills! SO your energy company in your country of living go and get their email addresses? My guess is that in excess of 80% of them will be very difficult to find. Nikon's in Japan was especially hard to find but I did find it. Emailed them no less than THREE TIMES and never received an answer. Arrogant, ignorant and aloof. Here is our made like shit, give us far too much money for it....GOOOOOD, now fuck off we don't wanna talk to you know more. But we will make it look like we do by having a bunch of idiots with a phone each who know fuck all about the products your ringing up about. Better still is we will charge our customers money for them to phone up and talk to idiots!! Yes that would be cool (rubbing their hands together).

But at the moment no one is buying anything. They were supposed to start buying now. Hmm come to think of it they were supposed to start spending at the beginning of this year? Oh well hang on a minute was they not supposed to start spending in the run up to Christmas 2012? Oh and at the start of the London Olympics which was going to save us? Oh and the start of 2012? Oh and the run up to Christmas 2011? No doubt they will say something similar about Christmas 2013 or the start of 2014?! Or maybe not if they are reading this blog?!?! LMAO!

Things have to come back down to reality and that means everything and across the board, not token gestures of 5 or 10 percent salary cuts to their own salaries!! My god how are such incompetent people in these jobs?! Have we been THAT naïve for all these decades?! What happens when there is nothing left to sell off? What happens when it is obvious that the banking industry, finance industry and the British economy, as well as that of other countries, are NOT going to go rocketing skywards and save the day and the blushes?!

More to the point why are these people of power and in charge such a bunch of schoolgirls? Hiding away in the shadows and if not insistent on a bunch of BS hoping that the corner can be turned to save them from like like the complete morons that they are?!

Oh wait....'turning a corner'? Has that not been used by one of them already?! LMAO! I wonder if I should come up for jokes for each member of the cabinet that starts with 'All I want for Christmas [is a whole list of stuff that does not concern a single relative!]' Fill in the bold square brackets with whatever would give you a rare chuckle, lol.

So to return to the beginning and my point being that my greatest of all ideas, there are still many others, cannot be put into practice just yet no matter how good it is. It involves me being set upon by a whole list of different public offices many of which I have already attacked. To initiate a knee jerk reaction that they have come to use so willingly and thereby proving I have stated long since past within the posts of my blog that to which the very line the Conservative Party are meant to stand by.

'We help those that are willing to help themselves.'

The only thing missing is that small amount of monthly money to show that I have achieved it, even if it only a piddling amount, and that it is now heading somewhere and will not take long now.

Of course I have been completely ready for this long awaited knee jerk reaction and have been since I started the blog, ;)! There are other smaller simpler traps that I have previously hinted towards or even blatantly and completely described but this is the grandest one. But it was always going to be down the line and towards the back end of the blog before I could even think about it being put in motion.

As I said before the numbers to my blogs have also managed to achieve totally impossible things, like three times at least I have noticed the number of visitors going BACKWARDS!! Lol. Not only on here either and on my YouTube account too! There is only way that the numbers can go backwards in this way and what it shows beyond any shadow of doubt is that the numbers are not a real representation of that actual numbers of visitors! Now how far out the numbers presented to me are I have no idea and it could be 5 across all the blogs or it could be 50,000 and there simply is no way of knowing. Welllll... this is not entirely true of course but it will not be me that finds this information out, if indeed it is ever found out. I certainly do not have the time, money or patience to go diving into this myself and I am sure there will be a law against me achieving it that will be very easily implemented while no one asks them why the numbers have been faked?! Lol.

Now I have mentioned the trap and I have mentioned the tools. Of course as like anything else there are available many more tools to help you acquire more or better with whatever someone is doing. Of course even I have often asked myself how much more I could have achieved with several other items in the back of my mind. As for these tools I will do a short post listing both tools that would help me do better as well as a list of things I have been....WITHOUT and those that would help me keep on top of things when it comes to all that I do and the pains that I have to endure. Of course these are tools that I have asked for help with from the government several times but have been turned down. Did think about putting in for a Duck Island but I think they have stopped all that now?!

As for my audio recordings, which is not only WHAT I hinted at previously but was ONLY hinting at, I am not sure what more I could do in all honesty. YES OK I do have the option of going to see that so called GP one more time? There is also the possibility of the third NHS Recruitment Drive for £3.00 a day in food vouchers?!


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