Friday, 13 September 2013


Reply email to the laughable report from the Independent Case Examiners...

Dear Joanna

NR 74 68 64 D

Thank you for your report it has been most helpful, though I am rather surprised that you not only sent it but actually put your name to it?!

I knew from day one what you were and so never expected for one second that you would actually win my case but what I did hope to get is a report so full of lies and incompetence that when I posted it online everyone case see very clearly that the taxpayers money is indeed being wasted on a grand scale that involves FRAUD due to services not performed.

You actually sent me a report stating answer from the DCS and DWP that I had ALREADY provided you with and you stated to them "OH ALLRIGHTY THEN"?! Did you actually expect me to believe this report, that because they LIED to you all is OK and that you could not work out for one moment that I am not naive or a big enough idiot to believe this?! It truly IS the biggest insult to my intelligence I have ever experienced!

Also your report is full of contradictions as well as lies....

You use the excuse that they tried to ring me but did not have the correct number which is odd because they have both used this number as have you!

You even STATED the number within the letter right at the beginning!

Added to this you persisted in giving me that extremely lame reason about them not being able to knock on the door with the bin in the way?! Are you actually SERIOUSLY putting your name to THIS REPORT?! I must say I would not be putting my name to anything so utterrly terrible and with Elephant size holes all through it.

Also you have managed to then back them up and blame the GP but have done absolutely NOTHING about approaching her and allowing her to defend herself. I can assure you that in any upcoming court case and media event our versions of what actually happened will be IDENTICAL, yours, the DCS', Atos and the DWP will not and trust me when I tell you I have a high amount of experience of this!

You have spent 21 months of the taxpayers money asking them and they have lied to you and that is IT?! LMAO!!

I cannot tell you just how hilariously funny that is, lol.

Do you know the odd thing?!

I knew there was also corruption whereby the DCS controlled the NHS and its Doctors bue this was the most trickiest to get proof of! Well turns out not so as since you last heard from me I have been busy amassing my blogs with more evidence and I have no less than TWO Doctors LYING about several test results and have them on tape!!

The really funny thing is that one was an ultrasound scan and all I have to do is have a private scan and it is done!

But it seems I do not need to as the NHS have also been trying to secretly recruit p[atients in pain to work full time for £3 food vouchers per day and I also recorded this to! Only at the second meeting and after I had posted it online a reporter was there and from The Guardian if memory serves me correctly, lol.

But of course this has nothing to do with your office, until some point in the future when investigative journalists finish their investigation and print a story with all the facts! Lol.

Maybe you and your bosses MIGHT want to go and look here...

Again thanks for the Report, as you will NOTE from the above blog it arrived just a few days after a letter from the General Medical Council whereby the lame excuses and lies are EXACTLY the same as they are for all other governing bodies and Ombudsman I have approached in the last few years.

As for pointing out your mistakes and you think it is at all worth it? As I stated in my blog there is no escaping it either your corrupt and attempting, albeit badly, to cover up for the DCS and the DWP or your totally incompetent and not fit for purpose.

If you do not 'quite get it' then I strongly suggest that both you, your colleagues and your BOSSES have a good long look at the blog I have provided...



I have done all mine single handed and for FREE!

Oh yes and I have passed the 50,000 people mark! How many agree with you and all the other public offices? NONE!

How many have defended you, the government, the NHS, the DWP, the Police, HMRC and all the others? NONE!

So a survey of 50,000 people, not a thousand but FIFTY THOUSAND, and you have all yet to get a single person defending you and the funny part of it is that there are many ORGANISATIONS that re-post my blog so 50,000 viewers is not even CLOSE!

So unless you can come up with some brilliant excuse and reasons of how and both WHY you are going to do better then I think that this avenue is pretty much a dead end!

After all you handed to me on a plate EXACTLY what I wanted and could not have done this at a better time, lol.

Oh yes and umm, just for the record....

Atos and the DWP had ALREADY ASCERTAINED that I needed a home visit! You cannot then change the goal posts without looking like liars or idiots.

Food for thought.

Martin Haswell BSc

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