Friday, 27 September 2013


Oh dear here we go again.

I have maintained two things on this matter and I heard this tonight and noted an omission! Remember it is supposed to be more TRANSPARENT!

First off the climate WILL GET WARMER no matter what happens. The best we can do is slow it down, at best, with current plans. Using satellites to deflect heat away could stop it but guess who will pay for it?! The planet will get warmer without our involvement and there are mountains of proof of that! But they do not mention these things at these events, or the news media decides not to to keep up shock tactics, or some other agenda?!

Among many other clues, some of which I have discovered myself, it has just been discovered that as the edges of glaciers have melted to reveal bare soil that plants have emerged. In the photo I saw it looked like a moss.

Now do you know what that means? Forgetting the fact that the plant was lying in a dormant state for WHEN the ice retreated but that in previous times the plant was PREVIOUSLY there meaning the ice was missing previously!

What mankind is in danger of doing is putting all its eggs, all it's ideas, all it's money and all its energy into just ONE proverbial basket which will cost mankind more than you can imagine.

I long for the day when they drop the use of their now not so new buzzword of 'carbon' along with its associated words of footprint, trading and any other lame brain quotes they have used in recent times. I saw the image of satellites deflecting heat and for the first time since 'Global Warming' and 'Climate Change' became used by the idiot media on a daily basis.

All I see every day are time wasting and ever decreasing circles and never getting to the heart of the matter for the repeated insistence of laying blame on everyone when only a few could possibly be to blame. The same few who have caused the global crisis but want to lay both the blame and the cost at the feet of the public.

Now that I have stated that I wonder how many times groups have protested and/or warned of these things only to be ignored.

Indeed there you have it in a nutshell. The ignorant and the lazy time wasters, think civil servants and local councils, are the ones to blame.

I have nothing against the stopping of pumping crap into the atmosphere but I am not going to point fingers at people because I have some 'issue' with them.

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