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After some very good photographic sessions with the wildlife next to the White Water Rapids Centre built for the Olympics, where I shot and photographed Clouded Yellow Butterflies, I went out again on the 2nd September 2013. I hoped to get a few more things.

I visited my little sunny and secluded sun-trap for butterflies but other than the odd White Butterfly and a single Common Blue Butterfly there was nothing about. So I cut it a little short on the path and decided to cycle around Sewardstone Marsh and Gunpowder Park. Before long I spotted some plants that were either Teasel or Thistle, Teasel I think, that towered up way taller than me and I am 6 feet tall?! I took some photos of the taller ones which looked a good eight feet and likely nearer nine!

Afterwards I followed a path I had not been down for a couple of years that entered a wooded wetland and marsh where you found yourself on a raised wooded walkway. I then ended up at a spot with a few hides that I had investigated for two years hunting down Marsh Orchids of the genus Dactylorhiza to no avail. I noticed a sign explaining the wildlife and noticed in the picture that there were dozens of Dactylorhiza and thought it odd. I remembered that when I had visited a couple years previous they were digging up this end of this temporary pool.

After scanning the area for potential photographic shots of which there weren't any I continued along the raised walkway. I arrived at a 'T' Junction and was pondering the direction when I looked to the right and saw that the path was a dead at at about the 20 yard mark and there sitting on a motorized scooter was a man. So I approached the hide and so as not to have him fear he might be attacked I asked him if he had seen anything of interest.

“No it has all dried up.” he answered and I said that was a shame. We then talked about the site and he told me stories of how it used to look, as he was obviously local and probably close to 70 years of age. He told me about different spots he used to take pictures of and how people he showed them too had thought he had taken them on holiday. Then out of the blue he turned and said...

“Well it's not how it used to be, they run it really badly now. A couple years back they dug it out at the other end...” which was the part I had seen them digging a couple of years earlier “...and they did it wrong and dug too deep and left a bloody great hole!”

I then told him about what I had witnessed with the felling of far too many trees which was unnecessary and the planting of things that were not what they were supposed to be with the Primulas. He was shocked at this and then complained about how they concentrated on parts to be used for the Olympics along the stretch of the White Water Rapids Centre while other parts were left overgrown and you could not walk down them. Then the conversation took a really odd turn when he said...

“They tried to blow that up you know?!” where I was thinking he was on about the council or park authority detonating an area and I asked “Blow up what?”

“The White Water Centre when the Olympics were on!” he answered sternly.

“I'm sorry what?! You mean terrorists as in Radicalised Muslim Arabs tried to blow up the White Water Rafting Centre?!” I inquisitively probed.

“YES!!” He exclaimed.

“Well how was they planning to do this exactly?” I inquired further.

“They got a barge and filled it with explosives and were caught travelling down the River Lea with it! The plan was to get the barge alongside the centre and then explode it by the bank emptying the centre of its water into the river!” He explained.

“How do you know this?” I asked wondering whether this was just some idiot starting a mad false rumour.

“My was a Warden and he told me that they caught these guys!” He explained.

“Really?!” I exclaimed before continuing “Now THAT IS interesting.”

“Yes and you NEVER saw it in the media because the bastards covered it up!!” he stated and the I thought now here is a member of the public, albeit old and on a motorised scooter, who is annoyed and not knowing the truth.

“Well ACTUALLY I can tell you a little something about that.” I informed him before he asked “Oh, what?”

I then explained the story I have long since covered on here, about the radicalised Muslims I came across and a little about my daughter. I then explained how I gathered the information and sent it all in to the necessary authorities.

When I finished the story he then turned his scooter about, told me he was going home to have his tea, mounted his scooter and then sped away so fast I thought he was going to perform a wheelie and end up flat on his back!

It seems some people complain about being kept in the dark but being brought smack bang into the light they then have second thoughts! AS I chuckled to myself at this thought I remember thinking as he sped like a bullet along the raised wooden walkway 'now that is just no way to get a speeding ticket?!'


I remembered it was a friends birthday and she did not live too far away from where I was. There was nothing about of note along the insect life so I thought I would mosey on back the way I came and pay her a visit as I get scorned for forgetting her birthday each year. I ravelled through the wet woodland and as I exited the far side there was this man now sitting on a seat. Hmm home for tea indeed and I said 'take it easy!' and as I cycled off I heard him say 'Have a nice day'.

My friend was aware of my involvements, initially thinking them bizarre and mad sounding and me saying well that is why I kept everyone in the dark for the first eight months it was going on. When there I told her what had just been told to me and she acted as she had done when I first told her and said he was talking rubbish. I said well I thought so too until he said he had a mate who was a warden. I cannot recall whether this mate was a warden at the White Water Rapid Centre of for the Lea Valley Park Authority and for all I can remember it could have been either.

I remember thinking back when it was on, I SURELY would have mentioned this in an earlier blog, that they realised that I was the one that had found out about who they were because I got a phone-call from one. He told me lies about my daughter and said that if she carries on behaving like she did, I had got her out of the building by this time and away from the two of them, that a man would kill her. I was already aware that he had stated that he would kill her if she ever left which is why I had to be so careful and meticulous about my plans and not make ANY mistakes. I even warned MI5 and GCHQ that they would KNOW MY FURY if they cocked anything up and got my daughter killed. No I am not joking either as I had to send them what I had gathered to OBVIOUSLY prevent other innocent lives being lost. It had occurred to me and I stated to the secret services that as they know my ROUGH whereabouts that the bright sparks having their plans now aired my change tact and because of the close proximity of the White Water Rafting Centre they may actually target that so should double the focus on the centre!

Of course the London Olympics was some time ago and in typical arrogant fashion I heard noting and got no recognition for what I did. I DID however get a phone-call of thanks from them. AS for the medal and the TITLE that my Dentist thought I would get, he himself an Iranian, well I told him I did not even think I would get recognition for it and awards handed out are only tokenism or if you have made a lot of money while being famous at the same time. SO Music Stars and Footballers will all get recognition....of course I realised later that paedophiles were added to that list, lol.

Just like everyone else I have attacked they have all acted EXACTLY as I had predicted which is the sole reason that this blog and all my OTHER blogs were a long term plan even long before the Olympics had started. I told friends and family it was highly likely that many others would swoop in like Vultures and use my hard work and data for themselves and get brownie points for whatever industry this is. This included the News Media as well as people like Politicians.

Now how many there are that have done this without any reward or mention of where they sourced it from I do not know but I would estimate it is beyond half a dozen thus far. I am not the only one to know this as many people have seen my stuff, my stories, appear in the news or in national tabloids. When this has happened for over half a dozen things I have been involved in it becomes obvious that the stories come from my data. I did send a lot to them and stuffed four DVDs with DATA but only FOUR and I sent now more than that. Today I would likely need TEN DVDs to store it all on and have long since wanted a BLU-RAY WRITER DRIVE so that I could back it up on just two optical discs!

When you pretty much know that just about every industry is just as corrupt as the previous one it is really easy to plan around this. Sure that with the News Industry themselves being caught out on the hacking scandal it is obvious they have agendas, and now new ones added to this with the word REGULATION hanging over them, it was going to be hard.

I pretty much knew that the reporting by journalists has been very suspect for some years now and previously realised that if your cut off, or cannot get them interested, your buggered. Why they would not be interested in some of the biggest stories all emanating from just one place and one man is anyone's guess.

I just stopped typing for a couple of hours and the story I am telling you takes another twist altogether and then another one yet again. A friend of mine that lives in Waltham Abbey, as does one brother so I will have to ask him too, visits me tonight for the first time in a couple of months. This is largely due to him having a special needs son and him and his wife told they do not, only want a fancy label for his son and refused all help which resulted in the pot boiling over and him being arrested. So they ave had a bit of a time of it.

As I was typing I saw him peering through my window and around 8pm in the evening, something he has never done before. I tell him about the story I am told today and he says that it is rubbish, though he used rather more blunt words than 'rubbish'. He says he had a friend with a barge on the river and that while the Olympics were on the River Lea was completely closed of from Broxbourne to the north all the way past the Olympic Park in Stratford. No one was allowed past this point so the guy was wrong. But as we were talking about it he then says “OOOOH ...WAIT A MINUTE!! No I remember now there WAS something as I remember my wife reading about something online and telling me!!” He then starts to laugh because of what he tells me next and says “They DID try it because they got caught as they were using DINGHEYS!!”

So there was an attempt and he tells me of a website his wife uses that has snippets of news for the Waltham Abbey area and tells me the websites name, which I cannot recall right now, and says it must have been on that site that she read about it.

I then tell him what I put above about telling the emergency services to focus on the White Water Rapids at Waltham Abbey as if they changed their plan knowing they had been rumbled they would likely make the Centre the target knowing it is the nearest to me. This way they not only do something disastrous but also put the fear of god into me with it being on my doorstep?! After all I cycle past the place all the time and watched the place get built and now built again. In fact I have yet to see that centre without any work going on or without masses of scaffolding around the place.

Well they might have THOUGHT they would have put the fear of god into me but that is not what would have happened. Also it was pretty obvious that an unknown target would now become a KNOWN target as they thought I had probably given exact details of the original plan. Only this was a bluff to make them think twice, change their plan and it was entirely likely that it would be the Waltham Abbey site and I could then get the emergency services and local Police focused on that one small area which would have been a great deal easier to manage and set up surveillance.

Of course at the time this was all simple theory and nothing more. Without any feedback, other than a phone-call of questions and telling me I was a genius, I simply had nothing to go on. This plan, however, seemed a good idea to bring the two groups TOGETHER within the same vicinity. Also from the air it would be easier to survey who was moving where around the Lea Valley Park at Waltham Abbey with relative ease.

Just as I had manipulated the situation with my daughter's kidnap and forced captivation so that she could flee to somewhere safer, once I had a rocket up Wirral Council's Housing as well as Social Worker Department that is it was pulled off, along with some genius on my daughter's part by swiping something that gave us both MORE information and links to that dreaded group by the men in question. I thought I could do the same thing with everyone's....FOCUS?!

Of course not being 'in the loop' so to speak I simply had to hope that whatever I did worked out for the best and that nothing took place. Though oddly those that now knew about it seemed to think that to prove what I had been saying a terror attack on the Olympics HAD to take place?! I said well I do not know how you figure that out because if it does take place I then look WRONG and look like an idiot as they managed to complete their goals! I pointed out that it was the other way around and that EVERYONE thought there would be a terrorist attack on the Olympics somewhere and that if the Olympics did go by without said attack THEN I would like like I was correct in my estimations and in my planning! 'Oh yeah' was the common response to that point.

On hearing that I had actually put this to several groups PRIOR to the Olympics even starting my friend looked a little wide eyed at this and I said you see sometimes its the little things in the story that do not get said that can end up being the big points.

In the space of just a few hours and fifteen months after the Olympics one conversation with an old gentleman leads to another conversation with a local friend and between the two it is found out that there was indeed an attempt I had predicted!

Oddly and along with a long list of other things I was kept in the dark with I always knew that I would somehow find out the truth at a much later date. Pieces of the jigsaw would come together and eventually an ever clearer picture would emerge?!

Now I cannot help but allow my thoughts to consider the other elements in this list as to what is most likely to come to my attention next and when it is likely to occur?! There are a few key points that I await to be revealed into the limelight that would mean a whole number of things I cannot go into without forewarning those I want falling into the trap. As falling into the traps I set out then obliterates any doubt as to what I claim within the postings of my blog to all but the most naïve and warped minded among the wider public.

Think of it as a kind of vindication?! I say kind of as I am not sure that I need to be vindicated and have not seen any comments rubbishing any of my claims as yet.

So far so good. Lol.

If you wish to see and hear the involvements I had with that to which I refer it is best to do a search as it is too long to go through repeatedly, lol.

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