Sunday, 22 September 2013


Where DO they get their figures from?

Tonight I have heard for the umpteenth time that the economy has improved?! Well I am very observant when our and about and it seems as worse as ever.

In fact I was speaking to a retail owner yesterday and he stated that he had taken £85 all day!! Several years ago you would expect to take over £1,000 on a Saturday and £2,000 was not unusual! This £85 was his second lowest since the economic... SOD IT...RECESSION started with the lowest being £55 on a Saturday. In fact an entire weeks trade does not match a Saturday's takings before the economy nose dived!

So hearing it stated yet again in the media, when Saturdays in the whole of Enfield is like a ghost town, just leaves me scratching my head.

How they can say this, or worse still use it like everything is OK now is a pretty incompetent thing to do. I wonder if they will keep stating this? Probably think it cannot be far away now so if they start saying it now then in 6 to 12 months when it is they can say they called it?! Lol.

Only what do they do when it is the same or worse? Conveniently forget, that is what. Lol. You cannot blame the economy being crap because of the reports of them being crap. Nor can repeatedly stating its improving eventually force an improvement or trick people into spending to the point to which we return to pre-crisis levels.

I do wonder how much time and money will be used to force things to be better before they realise it does not work?!

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