Friday, 20 September 2013


Duse to what I believe to be an unfair comment, with insults, based on reading just one posting I have decided to do a series of diagrams.

These are in FOUR PARTS and this one I have done first is PART THREE and on the RETAIL side of things and explains WHY you have to use anger when your being defrauded out of your money...

Unless your just going to lie there and let them do what they are doing as well as conning people out of cash then there simply no other way and this is by THEIR design and not mine.

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  1. Part ONE on this series would be, of course, the GOVERNMENT and LOCAL GOVERNMENT....WITH THE MEDDLING AND CORRUPTION FORCED ONTO...

    Part TWO which would be the NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE...naturally, lol.

    Part FOUR would be the details involved in my daughters predicament....a whole other can of worms entirely.