Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I just had word from a mother I know who has had her child taken away from her and given to the father.

Of course anyone who is British will know that courts do not take a child away from its mother.

Except when the father is a Police Officer and he had already acquired the family home also to share with a Moroccan wife or girlfriend. Nice to know rub each others backs to the point of ignoring the laws.

What I was informed of today by a distraught, upset and confused mother is that the wonderful CAFCASS, also involved in my daughter's case who herself has been mysteriously quiet since they stepped in, turned up today.

They informed the mother that she will not get her child back despite there being no problem with her parenting skills nor maternal instincts?!

So the public are whipped beyond recognition for everything but now we and unfortunately for them I am discovering facts that there really are two sets of laws, one for us and one for them!!

However 'they' claim that the laws concerning children and everything they do is 'in the child's best interests'.

So they are lying or making decisions and flouting their own laws for children based on chummy civil servants.

This is exactly why I still did not trust the courts where my daughter is concerned and naturally hearing this gives me cause for concern!

I guess I will find out soon enough, fingers crossed, from my daughter as the  umpteenth court appearance is this month, September! Also of concern is the fact that this mother and her child are only a few miles up the road from the Wirral!

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