Thursday, 12 September 2013


Well what a roller coaster of a Spring and Summer that has been for me?!

Now that the weather has cooled down I am not killing myself, and spending extra money while doing so, by racing up and down the River Lea and Lea Valley Park after Insects and wildlife for my blog!

It also became very apparent as I slowed down that there were a great many things that become neglected during this time too, like the level of tidiness in my home, which I absolutely loathe but cannot help. Despite the fact that people miss it for the most part, but what I achieve considering my obstacles is nothing short of stunning. I am extremely good at organisation and focus but the result is that things WILL get ignored not because I WANT TO but because I HAVE TO.

So I have not ventured out on my bike for about a week at least and have been using the time to get the home into some kind of order and something close to presentable. However I really do have no reason to do this as I do not get visitors much anymore. Was getting someone up until recently but he has vanished and only pops up when he wants me to do or fix something and has known me for over twenty years anyway. He is preoccupied with family difficulties because the local councils only exist to pay themselves large salaries today but actually do very little and finding excuse to do even less than they already are!

In the last year I have seen and posted about a great many news snippets and in so doing I have quite literally disassembled the news report ripping apart both the focus points of the report whoever it may be as well as the journalists themselves. That is not going to change one iota!

In fact in the very recent days I first heard about George Osbourne talking about how me have turned a corner, something he said a year ago, or whenever it was, and will likely say 12 months from now too?! Within something like 48 hours of him stating that a surprising statement by an otherwise quiet organisation and one of the oldest names in charities came out with their own statement that just blew apart everything that George Osbourne stated that had my belly laughing for the longest time.

That was Oxfam and stating how bad, basically evil, austerity was and how they are now having to help POOR PEOPLE in the UK!

I myself have for the longest time now thought about how we do the most unnatural things on a daily basis and yet people with money and power keep drumming these unnatural things into us as natural things! Working your backside off is and no other way around it an unnatural thing. For hard working people to do this and have nothing to show for it is both wrong, unfair, immoral and something out of Victorian times. Forcing this is not going to go down well and anyone that thinks this is the way is an out of date moron without so much of a clue about people or psychology that will end up with a rude awakening.

The more this continue then the ruder the awakening will be. To the point were you will think that the sky is falling down upon you when the time comes.

They are dealing with numbers they cannot perceive nor contemplate the consequences of. Business is NOT about balancing the books! Because people are not robots they have feelings and they have limitations and until the morons realize that we will be sitting on a time bomb with a length of fuse that not even I know the length of.

What makes this worse is there insistence that we are all in this together and though this term has not been used for sometime now, having to be told no doubt what an idiot he sounds like by using it, is that the attitude remains. The CORRECT term would be....

We are in this TOGETHER because we have all been fucking up for decades and have dragged all your sorry arses into the more while keeping you blindfolded!!

That means its your fault you half witted individuals without an ounce of common sense!


Basically they preach to us and have done for years now. The very term GOVERNMENT means an organisation that GOVERNS! They set things in motion and tell us what we should and should not be doing. They set and make the laws too. But let us examine these things more closely?

The only reason that the public have any blame is that they did as they were told for the most part and believed the crap that THEY were told whether this was prior to the general elections or any other time in between.

There could be an argument for the blind naive people who always stick to the two parties of Labour or Conservatives as they never learned they are not bloody football teams!! *SIGH*

I came across a term I had not heard mentioned for years and one that my grandmother used to use and that is 'Knocker Upper'. Hearing the term and an explanation to what it actually was, on the brilliant Stephen Fry program called QI, it made me realize and gave me something I did not have before. Another thing to explain how we are still doing things that are unnatural to us and how to explain it!

Not so many moons ago we lived in a time between eras. Two very important eras in history that will never be forgotten but each in themselves being milestones in human history! But this was not so very long ago and these two are intricately linked to each other as both are to us!

The odd thing is that one it could be argued was one of the worst things invented for the human race as before very long they were used as excuses to force us to do unnatural things and there has been a never ending battle over this that continues to this very day. However it was BETWEEN these two eras of great human invention that Knocker Uppers existed and the two things have been the bane of society today because the ability to run the two of faded in time. However these fading of the expertise to manage these has not stopped, however, the ones from running it the ability to acquire far more that the deserve by way of payments and pensions to boot.

This is NOT BUSINESS, it is fraud and thievery that has somehow managed to be legal because morons in power that have NOT earned the right to be there have been leading us up a dangerous path for so very long now that they do NOT know the way back to even the last fork in the road!

I have droaned on for so long now that you have probably forgotten, or the smarter ones likely already guessed, to WHAT these teo ERAS ACTUALLY ARE?!

The birth of Industry and the ability to keep time with the invention of Time Pieces regardless of size!

With the birth of industry, which happened in the Black Country in a place called Iron Bridge after the first ever Iron Bridge ever built, there was this sudden drive to get people into work when the business owners WANTED them there. Someone somewhere came up with the bright idea to have people at work far earlier than they naturally woke up?! Well that was a bright idea, lol.

However in these early times there were no alarm clocks and quite literally no clocks at all anyway. Even WHEN clocks were invented no doubt it was only the wealthy that would own them and likely just large Grandfather Clocks to begin with which were situated in a lounge or hall. Even with the first chiming clocks they were unlikely to have been loud enough to wake anyone in the households?! Chimes on the hour were likely extremely helpful for meetings and appointments however. After all things were not mass produced and therefore common and cheap enough until industry was more widespread so there was undoubtedly a very long time before timepieces that had alarms arrived in the scene!

So during this time someone would perform the task of the Knocker-Upper and go down a street with a pole and knocking on bedroom windows to wake up certain people who worked for a local manufacturer. How odd this must have been at the TIME, sorry bad pun! Lol.

Eventually as time pieces become more and more common as well as the shrinking of clocks into sizes you could keep by the bed and with small hammers and loud bells on as well as pocket watches too then the need for these Knocker-Uppers ceased to be. Quite possibly the Industrial version of 'What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?'

Of course for those that still ponder this answer you can find out by simply looking at the subjects I cover in my fourteen blogs and an basic understanding of EVOLUTION!

Birds evolved from Reptiles and small Dinosaurs and they did not, well most of them at any rate, give birth to live young and mostly laid eggs. As did fish and crustaceans. So the answer is obvious when you think about it but it did make a great deal of people think, including me when I first heard it! I am all for things like that too!!

I myself always revisit the many things I am already convinced of, well those that I have NOT gotten any evidence to, to see if my calculations or predictions are correct. Well until such a time that they end up becoming a reality that is! Lol. I am quite hard on myself in this respect and I do not like making mistakes and would never really comment on things I have no clue to the answer to or indeed the subject matter.

So the invention of the timepiece and the ability for everyone to know the time at any point also paved the way for people to be accountable to time by the people they worked for. After the Knocker-Uppers to wake people up out of their sleep came the alarm clocks to wake people up out of their sleep, lol. If getting up that early in the morning was natural we would not need these devices would we now?!

On the other hand the government has done its utmost to decide which gadgets and electronics are necessities and essential to an individual! I have always found this rather peculiar and when i first heard this many moons ago I KNEW it did not sound right and could not put my finger on it at the time...

The Boredom and the Mundane

The one thing that we hate more than anything else is being bored and having nothing to do!

I knew a chap and have mentioned him in previous posts whose name was Trevor and I called him troublesome Trevor. He was a Manic Depressive and came from a wealthy and upper class background. After being invented into his house one night scaring the hell out of the neighbours who were sitting by their windows waiting for me to re-emerge eventually thinking I had been murdered, I told him what his problem was.

At one point I stated and not asked 'Your family were religious weren't they?' and he asked me how in the hell I knew that. It was from the way he spoke and he had picked up several leaflets that came through his door from charities helping children. Of course these all prey on your guilt to give money but the arrival of these leaflets actually sparked off his Manic Depressive episodes! I then explained that the way he was speaking about the horrors of modern life and the evil people are capable of meant that he was conflicted internally and that this could only come about if he had experienced a childhood and early adulthood of being convinced there was an all loving deity who looked out over us. The answer was yes, of course it was, and the first time I realized that RELIGION was a lot more harmful in modern times than just the excess money it makes and the very little in the way of any good it actually performs!

Here was the evidence staring me in the face of the HARM that such a misguided belief into something that makes absolutely no sense and has no scientific explanation, that can be done to an individual when you FORCE this upon them!

In ancient times it was an easy way to answer the question of how we came to be and a good way to stop people, well to a degree, to treat each other with respect and keep crime down. Then laws came in.

Today and with a wider understanding of science among the wider world public it baffles me that there can exist such large and expensive institutions that still believe in this fantasy based on a book written by mere mortals a very long time ago!

But still if these people achieve some good in the world as people still seem to need to be taught morals then so be it and I am all for it. If someone wants to give up there evil ways and 'see the light' so to speak then who am I to argue with that?!

But today George Osbourne's answer to the economy is to put more pressures on hard working people which then puts ever more stresses on them and to do this for less of a reward than they were previous getting?!

Your expected to WORK so that you can THEN PAY FORE YOURSELF for somewhere to sleep so that the fecking rain does not hit you on the head?! SO that you do not end up with PNEUMONIA and die from over exposure to the elements?!

This is nothing more and nothing less to a TAX ON LIFE!! Or putting it another way a RENT FOR LIVING?!

Sorry morons of the House of Commons that is not the way it works and has not done for millions of years!! Instsince on travelling down this path will only result in the creation of more criminals and crime that for the most part will be completely and utterly as well as SOLELY YOUR FAULT!!

I have said this so many times but you can take the tamest animals in the world but if you force it into a corner and apply enough pressure the animal within unleashes and comes at you as its drive to survive takes over in its brain.

We are not Robots and from what I can see a long way from being CIVILIZED, despite the over use of this term for societies and civilizations, and if you pplay too much pressure there will only be one outcome.

Societies are not like a Child's Play-Doh that you can squeeze and apply endless pressure to and mold into any shape that you see fit! Especially when they see you all getting between five and ten times their salaries to continually get it WRONG!!

I have said it before and I will say it again and that is that the offices you hold are not your by right, or bloodline!! You should be HUMBLED and HONOURED at being in such a position and not behave as if it is some giant Gentleman's Club, or an extension or fancy version of you local Conservative Club, just to use and rinse for your own ends while pissing off the entire nation!

A nation that oddly seems to keep voting in the same two IDIOT PARTIES! Better the devil you know despite them being two devils and toothless ones at that! After all after holding office for the time he did a certain someone..... TONY BLAIR, lol, got a rather cushy job that everyone takes the piss out of, except News Media and TV Comedians....ANYONE ON TELEVISION?!

Over time, hmm still on that subject aren't we, people or industries have jumped in and out of each other's pockets to achieve what they wanted which involves money or power and as a result we have continued to head blindly up the wrong road for decades. Well I was well aware of where this was all leading and I dare say I am not the only one either thought there would be very little of us I can tell you that much for naught.

I also have a whole string of theories that would be close to bang on the money as to why companies start of as claiming to be the greater good and then end up turning out to be one of the most evil and greedy companies that ever existed. Two prime candidates of this are Google, looking number one these days, and Microsoft.

What I find both amusing and extremely interesting is that these companies and the people that run them have now found out, or at least SHOULD HAVE DONE, the consequences of running things in the way that they have and the hell that has to be paid when it goes wrong! I would also hope that this is currently being learned by the people or groups that have forced upon these companies to behave is a dishonest, disrespectful and evil way?! If there was such a group that is, well other than the US Government & the NSA and the UK Government and the secret services of both MI5 and GCHQ?!

One can only hope!

Some really stupid and naive decisions have been made by organisations that should know better especially with the bloody salaries they are receiving?! If I was any of these people I would be so embarrassed to receive any money at all for the incompetence I have shown let alone millions of pounds!!

The trouble is that not only has this attitude and way of doing things wrong been around but it has been around so very long that it has carried on evolving into something quite unrecognizable and the public both here in the UK and no doubt elsewhere too have been left with a bunch of people in charge that do not know what to do! They have been taught for so very long that this is the way it is done that they know no other way and do not have the answers. But they STILL want and expect the humongous salaries?!

What is both despicable and evil is for these people to stand there and blame as well as cheat people unfortunate enough to be on benefits for all the ills that they caused?! They want to take away the tiny amounts of money from the poorest people when they barely have enough to live on?!

Remember they are getting paid tens, hundreds and millions of pounds to get us into this mess and to do jobs today without having the first idea on how to continue on and escape it?!

You have to be honest and THAT is something that none of them are capable of doing! Being honest has been done previously by big business and by one of the biggest names too, not British though. Lol! I have mentioned this company before too within the pages of this blog.

The truth is we have been doing it all wrong for years but no one ever wanted ti admit it! When things did not work out the answer would be was to sell it off to someone else for a short term profit and gradually diminishing British Industry little by little. Those in power, the rich and those in consecutive governments did not care because we were excelling in a new industry and were taking over the world at it, including America too. It mattered not that other industries were being destroyed, run into the ground, swallowed up by others or sold to rich overseas people because of this one industry that was booming!

The only problems with this were two fold...

1) It was based on cheating, lies and manipulation

2) No one considered that with no other industries to fall back on what the consequences would be if it went wrong!

3) It was run b overpaid idiots that did not even think to have a contingency plan!

Oh OK threefold then! Lol!

That Industry was of course BANKING!!

There is then another problem too and it is the first reveal I can give you to show how much of an idiot government is and a very good example of what I stated both earlier in the post and in previous posts about the Government going to get a lesson in the IT they ignored for so long! ...

Continuing to show no remorse at all and no compassion at all by mugging the sick, unhealthy and elderly of money shows the rest of the world that when the UK government talks about how much better things are that they are lying and incompetent. How I hear you ask?

Well your reading this blog are you not?! Lol.

I, as well as this blog, may well be unique in respect of the number of industries and organisations both public and private that I attack but it will not be the only one by any stretch of the imagination!! Oh no sirree.

For each industry that I mention and of course for every individual organisation I mention there will be someone somewhere who has done what I have done but focused entirely on that one area.

Of course each of these have little by little visited this blog, MY BLOG! In so doing a connection, or link, is being made by the people within each of these areas. IN so doing each of these visitors come to realize that it is NOT just the area or industry that they themselves have focused on that has corruption or wasted billions and billions of the taxpayers money.

Previous to starting this blog I realized that this lack of connection was a real problem. I also realized I could PLUG this hole and become a central link to all these people. Not just here in the UK but across the world too. So one of the intentions was that this very blog would in time become...


AS they visited I would continue to explain how things were being run badly. I had also known this for sometime to and indeed even when I did my degree at Middlesex University I remember seeing the business degree options and thought what a waste of three years that would be learning everything that is mostly wrong, lol.

Despite also having an interest in Human Psychology, missed by many GPs, Astronomy, Law and several other things at the time my love was Computing and I always thought I would end up doing this one day online and to a wide audience so I chose that.

I also thought it would help me with my daughter and it did.

That prediction took place in 1996 after I realized that being blown out by the mad mother of my daughter for the fifth time was going to result in one hell of a life for my daughter so University was absolutely necessary!

I then had a big court battle where my fears were ignored, my ex was not checked as I had wanted and I lost all contact with my daughter BECAUSE I was doing a degree which rather oddly went on to not only make my fears of her life a reality but in the most unimaginably and horrific way too!!

I was right and the courts were wrong and they could not even act on my claims despite claiming that I was totally honest and yet my ex was all over the place with her statements and answers to questions?!

Umm yeah she was mad so why did you not check her out?! Saving THAT money caused my daughter to have a childhood and young adulthood that reduces many to tears, has mouths gaping open and eyes wide in disbelief.

I told a member of my family that if a reason or theory of an answer to a problem in modern times has MONEY in it then it IS the CORRECT ANSWER!

All else falls by the wayside and that much was not only obvious to me at the time I knew that over the next two decades it was not only going to get a great deal worse but that society as a whole was heading up a very dark and dreary path full of evil intentions of its inhabitants!

The realization of what went on combined with the degree I then did made me realize a great deal of things and added to this I was able to foresee many things. I also became very good at doing this but just like with everything else being exact about it is not really possible.

Things I have predicted have both happened a great deal earlier than I expected, like the Tottenham Riots, as well as not taking place when I roughly expected, or not on the scale I expected.

Now over time as my predictions were aired to others they were met with disbelief, laughter sometimes and looks that meant they thought me barking mad. About as much as I could expect in reality if I am honest and knew from day one that airing these predictions would be problematic in more ways than one. Of course over time my predictions would start coming to light where for the first couple eyebrows would be raised. After awhile this would lead to actually exclamations like 'BLOODY HELL YOU SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN' until I reached a stage were the people around me would start asking what I thought would happen next?!

Then there was the mild fear it seemed to have in some and in either awe or just plain jealousy I would hear from the people I could trust of the many bad things stated about me by those that were jealous or envious. Now THAT I did not expect if I am totally honest with you. Attempts by people to spread it about that I was spouting BS even though I had not even discussed it with some. It caused a great deal of trouble among those that I know and now that things have long since, KIND OF, settled down I have even had the odd individual admitting their errors. That is a long list let me tell you.

So there were many immediate demons I had to battle as well as focusing on the demon hoards with the Princes of Darkness perched right at the top of the piles. Then their were the Wolves at the door, like the unfair Eon Energy right now, as well as my aches and pains.

Not been easy, no. But I was never going to give in because I do not like losing. I decided a long time ago, after the court case with my daughter in around 1997, that I was not going to lose ever again, not in anything truly important. I still had many things about my life in the hands of other idiots of course but of the things I could truly control I would not give up the reigns of without one hell of a fight. Literally if needs be.

AS the time went by and I added to this blog I had to wait until the time that enough people had read it and enough of it to become familiar with the horrific events in my life and how they were caused by greed by the various public offices over and over again.

I simply had no idea how long this would take.

I had thought and hoped that the audio would show the truth and that people would not believe that I forged anything. I am pretty sure this would be impossible, or at least nigh on, to do anyway. Also that if I could even do such things I would not waste my time on here and complain about no help and no money of I was so capable, lol.

Of course it had to be raw, written as I found and as I felt and let myself show emotion and mainly anger throughout. I am genuine as is the blog and the facts I explain and I wanted that to come across as a whole. Of course typing about these subjects was bound to illicit an emotional response so was not too difficult to allow my anger and frustration to show on each one.

I wanted to make a difference.

I hoped to start a series of changes for the better.

I had no real idea how long any of this would take.

I still don't.

But I DO KNOW that I and this blog are heading in the right direction. I also hope that it not only teaches members of the public who have been naive to all this, or just Ostrich like, but hopefully the very people I have attacked would maybe read this and learn something?!

I have been ... frustrated you might say at times because of the slow rise of this blogs popularity, despite it being a country mile above the other dozen subjects! The truth is that the more people were aware of what was contained in the blog, and I do not include naive idiots who would read a line or two and decide I was wrong/mad/idiot and go off without looking or hearing the evidence, the sooner it would work and that could take place before any major upheaval or uprising that I know will take place at some point.

Oddly they news media have gone out of their was these days to not show any trouble or violence on the streets of Greece. There are of course only one of two reasons for this and the first being that they actually think they may encourage the same thing to happen here but showing this continually? I cannot see that and more likely is that they have either been forced or told the dangers of continually showing this in the news?

As I had predicted it would start in the poorer, as a nation or society and not individually, nations and had stated Arab ones. The odd thing is that the Arab nations have allowed all their money from their oil to be siphoned off by too few individuals who would spend loads of cash on single items like warehouses full of custom built Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce and Bentleys! While villages out in the sticks, oh yeah there aren't any sticks, looked like a third world country.

The custom built cars would end up being buried by sand in the desert and years later a rich or wealthy British Businessman would find it, locate it and but it and bring it back to the UK, or even some other country. That is exactly what happened with the one off Aston Martin Bulldog some years ago.

I digress.

Now of course the madmen with money and dwindling fast and for the most part their own people have risen up against them after years of watching all this take place. It is the nature of things. AS stated I knew it would be only a matter of time after this it would start to affect countries within Europe!

I must admit though Greece was not anywhere near the top of my list, despite my remarks about Greek men I have known over the years, lol.

So now I have my house almost and mostly in some kind of respectable order.

My need to visit the local Lea Valley Park has more or less evaporated, now will be reduced from 5 times a week, give or take, to one or two. Also this will mostly be after the leaves have all gone before it is twice a week so that I can see the birds easier in the trees to get photographs and films of.

As a result of this I will therefore have more time to be philosophical within the pages of my blog or blogs.

You can start running now!

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