Monday, 23 September 2013


A BBC Hardtalk interview between Steven Sackur and Liam Byrne, Labour Party's chief spokesman in work and pensions, took place recently.

Quite bizarrely for an interviewer possessing, or seeming to, intelligence he asked about figures while possessing just one?!

Let me explain...

I take it that Liam Byrne had claimed Labour intended to reverse the Bedroom Tax fiasco based on it being immoral and with no alternative help, as per usual, with seeking alternative housing!

Stephen Sackur pressed him on whether they WOULD reverse this and I guessed that he must have some figures to throw at him. Liam Byrne was hesitant to commit himself, typical, and Sackur eventually stated that the welfare state had ballooned from something like 8% GDP to 13% GDP?!

Problem? YES!

Err well that's the welfare state as a whole mate and not just the extra bedrooms so why use it?! 

Second of all everyone in the REAL WORLD knows damn well why it has ballooned and not to do with welfare state but influx of foreign and lying scroungers. This made your questioning way off the mark entirely.

Also and I have previously stated this several times in that there was a huge wastage going on at the DWP and I was in FAVOUR of an overhaul to be more efficient and save money. Not to make it worse, set up a huge conspiracy to trick and mistreat as well as mislead the public on a fraction of society not to blame and no rights to fight back and defend themselves!

No as long as the right questions are asked in the media if the opposing party then you are home free pretty much...

Ooh wait a minute?! 


The news media is very good at asking all the right...wrong questions to get no answers for the public and hell bent for some reason on trying to catch out or force interviewees to slip up. Or shock value. It is never a genuine discussion and I grow tired of it. Pointless and meaningless.

An interviewer who is over confident in their abilities normally interviewing someone who everyone knows lies through their teeth anyway.

Funny how everything and everyone is largely religious!! I guess God's warriors and subjects have been told to use lies and deceit on each other for everything?!


Seems like years of Hardtalk and we are still in the same shit for the umpteenth day! Well that has been productive then?! Helped the public see the truth? Nah not really. Helped educate them into the right decisions? You must be joking?! Years into this crap and with all the corruption I have covered have they exposed it and spoken to those trying to fight against it?! Well that is yet another no, lol.

Probably won lots of awards though?!

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