Monday, 23 September 2013


No, no, NO!!

After a year and nine months of some Labour MPs visiting this very blog they get it wrong... or do they?!

I now wonder if I am starting to witness the very lying and misleading nature of politicians that worked for them at the last election?!

Everyone thinks the attack on the welfare state was initiated by the Tories but no it started before they were voted in. They just took the right royal piss. 

In this article they state Atos gets assessments WRONG?!

Labour? Are you for real? They do not get it wrong it's a big setup to rip innocent people off, including disabled people. You have had all access to the evidence for 8 months...

Unless of course your remark of keeping assessments is a pre-emptive strike because you will have no power over this once in power?!

Maybe you just want the Tories to get the blame and sacked over something that is not controlled by government?! Will you then just dress up the same thing but with a different name?! Why else would you do everything but call it for what it is?! If so then who IS pulling the strings in the UK?! Serco? The National Security Agency? President Obama? Is it the UK anymore? Is this the real reason why Wales and Scotland want out?!

Will this all be the same for all those I have disclosed evidence on?! The NHS lying, cheating, killing, falsifying documents and test results?!

Do all politicians really think that this is all OK because enough of the British public don't care/are naive/stupid or just live like Ostriches that the rest are not enough in number to cause concern?

Are they right?!

Only time will tell in the end.

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