Wednesday, 23 March 2016


OK then I will put up this one for now and to show what I am doing right now.

As plans 'A' and 'B' have not worked out yet, due to time for the former and God knows what to the latter, I am trying something else.

I suppose in a way it kind of works out this way as I have referenced these kinds of people previously and on several occasions.

There are many out there, organisations that is, that offer to help and claim to help people in tricky situations and plenty of them claiming to help disabled people.

Although in my experience, the same with charities, I have always ended up being ASKED FOR A DONATION than being offered help.

Also it is high time, now that I have gathered mountains of evidence, to approach for legal representation. If your the enemy I want to sue ... NO I HAVE NOT APPROACHED BEFORE! Well that is not since I started blogging.

There is this unfair 'Statute Of Limitations' to get around and they will no doubt ask me why I had not approached a legal firm before ... except for that I did!

As everyone seemed to both be lazy and not realise that if they had bothered to spend one hour with me they would realise it was an open and shut case, as I would not prove to be found dishonest in court, I did not get anywhere at all.

So I set out to get a whole raft of evidence as I did not want to get to a meeting the next time only to fail at that hurdle. I wanted to leap all hurdles laid out before me and so I continued on until I got between 6 and 12 from each and every one of them.

I far surpassed these figures with many of those that have failed to do as they are paid to do by the British taxpayer. Because this flawed attempt to save money has only cost the taxpayer ten times more over time at a minimum.

Do not pay to fix people now and you will pay to keep people for year after year until financial ruin is upon you.

Oh, wait?


So I am approaching legal firms, charities and literary agents but the last one has not gotten very far and also another industry full of not very bright people. Quite naive, in fact, in many cases and really need to go back to school to learn mathematics.

As they all seemed to be obsessed with money and things that cannot lose they should therefore be bloody good with their mathematics.

If they were then maybe they would stop wasting their time looking for the next JK Rowling and Harry Potter type series that will no doubt be a copy and would not make a single percentage point of what JK Rowling has achieved.

I have also had to apologise for my videos as my SIXTH camera took a tumble and I thought it was OK but pictures are fuzzy and when shooting video the lens vibrates.

Yes, yes I should have replaced this last year but I was helping someone else out. I did think I would get some funds back from the endeavour to get a replacement but it has not happened. Now is the time this becomes important as the Spring is finally here and Summer not far behind!

I should get something about two weeks from today but I am at a loss to pay more and go skint, and I have to already to replace this damned thing, or pay less and get other things I need too?!

I used a Sony with a 50x zoom lens and do I pay under £300 for one of two cameras in the region of 65x zoom or closer to £450 for an 83x zoom?

I need this to continue getting films for my YouTube channel and pictures for my blogs and as many of these are animals, especially birds, the bigger zoom is vastly more appealing! I am sure people taking pictures and films of birds and avid bird watchers would fully understand. In fact ANY animal expert would totally understand my predicament.

So things are moving, the weather is turning milder and I am becoming more animated, at long last, and after hobbling to the nearest ATM on the FIFTH day of back pain with my walking stick being the only thing that got me there, the pain finally subsided.

Mind you, it did get too much and I piled on 150mg of Tramadol on top of the 100mg I left the house on! Well it was either that or phone for an ambulance while out but it makes no difference because in the eyes of health professionals your wrong whichever of these you decide to do. The exact same applies to the government and they have been trying extremely hard to get that into the mindset of the British people.

This is what Iain Duncan-Smith was getting at by stating you risk splitting the nation down the middle. Except they have already been doing that which, provided your not a complete moron, most people noticed by the choices made in the last general election?

By this I mean Scotland and England. The Scots looked like they wanted out and the English in turn voted for that which Scotland hates. AT least that is they way it appeared to me as even I did not see the Tories getting in the way they did. In fact I did not see them getting in at all.

See? I do not always get it right! But it does turn out to be a rare thing, me being wrong and I do not like being wrong while at the same time have no fear in holding my hands up and admitting when I am wrong. But then did I not just do that?


Here is a video of a few letters sent off which may help others with the addresses on the envelopes ...

As I stated ... errr ... somewhere this is WAVE 2, waved one I completely forgot to record!!
Oh well.

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