Monday, 28 March 2016


As a favour to a friend I ordered him a book and to get the delivery free of charge they put the minimum order up to £10 at one point and then put it up further to £20.

A couple of years back, and posted about on my computing blog, they started making a great deal of errors, especially with deliveries. They threw one package into a garden and as it was geo-tagged, or so they claimed, it flagged up as being delivered. A neighbours two dogs was playing with this SSD drive in the rain! I kid you not.

Many did not believe me and one mate stayed in for a delivery that never came but when his girlfriend arrived home from her teaching job she found the parcel from Amazon in their front garden, just flung into some bushes.

My friend was shocked and swore there was no knock at the door and unlike my house his one is dead easy to find.

Well I ordered these three items, all of which I picked because they first had them in stock and secondly ... were fulfilled by Amazon.

When you see this message in future run like hell and go to a third party.

I told them about these incidents and others and they did not care and despite me rollicking them several times they did absolutely nothing.

Well Easter Sunday they claimed to have tried but failed to deliver my three items ordered exactly one week beforehand.

So not wanting to stay indoors for yet another day and they are unable to find something ... as BIG AS A FUCKING HOUSE, I went out.

I was only out a few hours between midday and 2pm, of course they go and try to deliver during the period they never EVER deliver. It is either 8am to 9am or its 5pm to 7pm.

No, after taking a week to get my bloody order to me, one I could have gone about and picked up myself locally, they come to my house during the two hours I am out of the house over 48 hours!

I really, really cannot be messed about like this.

When I ordered my shopping on-line it never went like this. They did not fail to turn up and bring it back the next day, so how come this happens to my Amazon orders like 75% of the time and higher?

A stupid wire I ordered with it, angled, USB lead, arrived on Tuesday morning. A stupid wire! Lol,

Anyway I have declared war on Amazon and stated I will now go through the waste of time Ombudsman, asked them which one, I presume that Retail Ombudsman idiot who was trying to make excuses for retailers selling tumble driers and washing machine that like to spontaneously combust?


My rather strong email ... which I always get stern about when they have taken no notice of my complaints over a period of a year or two.


Dear Morons

Well you have struck yet again and shown that you are not only badly run and with a terrible service, along with not giving a shit how badly your delivery drivers are but you LIE as well.

I have seen the track package page ...


Track Package indeed! It doesnt track anything. It gives absolutely no insight and no clue as to where your items are, please get RID OF IT!

Well your not the company you once were and I will be campaigning for people to ditch your extremely badly run and amoral company to others that give a damn about there cutomers.

I stayed IN ALL DAY LONG and no attempt was made to knock at my door with my package, as you claim.

Best of all is that the three items that I ORDERED on Sunday 20th March, 8 DAYS AGO, have not only taken, inexplicably, a week to leave your warehouse, no reasons provided despite asking, and now they are GOD KNOWS WHERE!

I live in a house .. YOU CANNOT MISS IT ... IT IS AS BIG AS A HOUSE!!!

Do you realise that much more than 50% of your deliveries, more like 70% or more, have failed to arrive when stated?!


What makes it worse is I have warned you about this for several years, but you do not give a crap.

What is the name and address of the Ombudsman that are supposed to deal with you?

Is it the retail ombudsman?

Please provide contact as I am now going to make my complaint against you official and go through official procedures to complain about you.

I will also now publish a few posts on my blog about you, you have a few already about your disregard for your customers and will now absolutely RUBBISH or take the piss out of any new media coverage you get.

For example, I hope you aerial drones double the reliability of your current methods of delivery, as maybe then we might get 75% of our goods as and when you state we will?!

Martin Haswell BSc

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