Thursday, 31 March 2016


I am not speaking of drunken French sailors or anything similar! Lol!

No, I am speaking of Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Agalychnis callidryas.

A few years back I was breeding this for a friend.

I started of with two pairs and he managed to raise 36 frogs so we anded up with 40 adults. Then one day he went on holiday for three weeks to Crete. On the last week I decided to have a bash at getting the forty frogs breeding.

As I published some pictures and videos of me producing some young Pyrenean Fire Salamanders, Salamandra salamandra fastuosa, I thought people might like to see the little bits of film of the frogs calling, breeding and with the eggs and larvae?

I know a great deal more than mere corruption with a bunch of lying people your paying a great deal of money too dodging and weaving thinking they are saving money when it is the biggest false economy of the modern world.

Here are a few videos ...

There were about 500 larvae all told and at a conservative guess.

Well at forty pairs and 12 clumps of eggs at around 80 eggs per batch, lol.

I have a blog on Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish. Another on British Wildlife. One that proves quite popular is one on Orchids and I have several others including Astronomy & Astrophysics and Computing for both software and hardware.

On my YouTube channel I have videos on all these subjects and then some.

I can also state that this will grow in content a fair old bit over the next 12 months or more as I have several things now planned for this coming year.

So seeing what I can do, and how I keep busy, along with how much knowledge I have you can imagine that with each subject, including even Kung Fu ... yes ... I KNOW KUNG FU, that these blogs might be of interest to visitors who happen to be into one of the subjects I have covered.

I also do not go around promoting my blogs here, there and everywhere though I have often wondered if I should. AT the end of the day people come back or they don't.

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