Thursday, 31 March 2016


Well it should be no surprise to know that for a fair old while I have been ... well, leading up to something.

This morning my mobile phone rang with a number I did not recognise.

Would you believe that after 18 months or more it was the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman? Lmao! I kid you not.

Nor am I kidding when she, Yvonne, stated that the 'incident' took place in September 2015 and I replied " .. err, no. More like 2013!" she insisted that I had put 2015, like it was my fault, and that in s slightly patronising way stated that they could not do anything without the names and addresses of those involved final decision letter?!

Yeah, I know. Lol.

Getting on for three years ago this all took place and I have published every single correspondence I had, had from and to the PHSO and they hit me with that

  1. I told her that I had already given them the names, addresses and the final decision letter
  2. I also had to go through NHS England last time too, I wonder if they will try that one again?
  3. I told her that she, or rather they, should be more worried about the fact I had recorded evidence, by which I mean them caught lying and in the act dozens of times and ... admitting falsifying test results
  4. She failed to bat an eyelid, did not ask for me to send in the recordings and repeated what she said about decision letters and names and addresses
  5. She had never heard of Jonathan White
  6. No apologies provided whatsoever even when she seemed to explain that

I then decided to REPEAT what I said, as Goldfishes have memory spans these guys would be PROUD OF!

I told her I had already sent all this in two years or more beforehand along with the decision letters.

I also told her that I would 'poke them with a stick' every three months and I would get sent a compliments slip and now had a collection ...

Once again, did not bat an eyelid, let alone bloody apologise!

Why would you not bat an eyelid?

When it is common and standard procedure to ... DO FUCK ALL!


Hmm so ... how about some screenshots?

Remember .. YOUR paying for this with YOUR taxes! 

You watch ... I bet they are either of a higher echolon of society or they are a different species to the rest of us, same with the NHS. MARK my words, ;)

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