Friday, 18 March 2016


Well it seems as though the right hand of the devil himself, named Abdeslam, was arrested Brussels and shit in the leg in the process.

Someone's aiming was a bit ... low! By a few feet.

Carrying out the work of the devil was what this disgusting animal did in Paris along with others as they murdered people in cold blood.

If they think that God's work is killing innocent people in cold blood I would have to ask them what in the hell they think the devil would ask then to do. Throw roses at everyone? Lol!

Someone else aiding him was also arrested as were three people helping to hide him.

It's about time that some of those that secretly agree with these radicals murdering ways but are too Lilly livered, chicken shit and wussy to either act or say anything themselves, while lying in wait to take over and change the country they ran to into the I've they ran away from, got their just desserts. Phew!

A bullet to the brain in what these pawns of the devil deserve.

I am so glad that the French note have their man. Give him hell ... no wait? That will only serve to make him feel right at home! Lol.

Brussels raids: Paris attack suspect Abdeslam arrested -

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