Thursday, 17 March 2016


Oh now I cannot get over the irony today.

I visited my Doctor's surgery ... err Tuesday. Now for those that know I only go to my GP on a Thursday as he only works Thursdays. This is a actually handy for me as I have short term memory issues that are quite bad. So each week as Thursdays approach I question if I have an appointment coming up.

Only when I asked for the appointment I was told he was doing odd days. So I said I did not mind and to book an appointment for whatever free appointment on whatever day he has next.

So I went in on a Tuesday.

Only ... I did not see my GP!

Do not ask as I bloody well do not know.

This is not that which is ironic.

Right now I am in a lot of pain, as oddly I was yesterday morning but with something else. This morning I awoke in bed unable to move with an intense pain in my back. This was the worse so far and any attempt to move, even only 10% of consciousness, and the pain intensified further.

Eventually I was fully awake and just to get onto my side I had to grit my teeth and roll with it.

It is supposed to be a sunnier and warmer day today and I am panicking at the moment whether the pain will die down in time for me to go out on my bike. First day of warm Spring sun and I am crippled.

Not, that is also not that which is ironic.

On Tuesday just gone, the 15th, I attended my GP surgery for the results of the DEXA Scan, which I already knew the answer to. Though they did say I had some score of 12 or something out of 21, or was it 15 out of 25? I cannot recall. Do not know how bone densities work and like I said I thought this was bullshit, avoidance of the known fact to not treat me or give me drugs to save money. It was clear at any rate, though I am told I have to have another scan and do weight bearing exercises, DUH! Oh an take in more calcium apparently.

That is it.

But the pain is not only still here but this morning is giving me a living hell. It took me twenty minutes just to get a pair of damned socks on and for the first ten minutes I did not think I was going to achieve it! Luckily when it came to tying my laces I could get each foot onto a heater. Bringing my feet closer to my chest and as I bent forward it hurt a lot less.

Now just for the record the pain is exactly where I stated it was from the beginning, a little above the centre of my spine but radiating to the left.

I also always get twinges in this area when I am riding my bike and look over my right shoulder to view any oncoming cars and lorries. Therefore dangerous riding a bike.

Yet I keep being told to ride my bike, lol.

Oh and I already do weight bearing exercises as I mentioned this on here, though in the last couple of months I have not but not anywhere near long enough to affect bone density.

So I have told my Doctor surgery about this issues several times. Yet what I got was 'Well we will send you for an X-Ray of your back while lying in your side in the foetal position with your spine stretched out and then a bone density scan, DEXA, despite the fact that you have fully informed us and given us your own X-Ray to show that it IS in fact your discs and that several of them have collapsed, leaving no gaps between 4 or 5 vertebrae".

Oh and those privately done X-Rays I handed in?

Well I now reckon it has been three months and I have visited a minimum of twice, but think this was the third I am sure of it so four months, and nothing.

The GP I saw, brother of my GP, said he knew nothing about it but would get his brother to call me.

Now I did state that I had pain yesterday morning? Yeah, that wasn't my back. In fact that was something quite weird and I have never had it before.

I was squeezing the flavour out of a tea bag, with one of those tea bag squeezing tool thingies, when I felt a pain in my forearm in my right arm. My hand also started to bend inwards and the pain became quite intense. As  I realised this was going to be intense I immediately clamped my arm against my chest which seemed to stop both the pain and the clawing hand in their tracks, but the problems persisted.

I then had to continue things using my left hand only for the next hour or so. After about 90 minutes to 120 minutes the arm went back to normal. Whether this had anything to do with the fact that as soon as I clamped my arm against my chest I turned 180 degrees and wolfed down a Quinine Sulphate pill, I do not know.

So...I am waiting to see if the pain they have avoided for over a decade is going to clear up in time for me to get out on my bike on the very first warm and clear day of Spring that I have been waiting for since last November.

Ironic, much?


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